Sample Business Essay Paper on Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

This essay will discuss effective leadership and the role of ethical leadership in an organization. Leaders are the individuals that guide the employees in an organization towards the direction of success. An effective leader in an organization is aware of the mission, vision, and short-term objectives that should be achieved with specific timelines. One of the steps of being an effective and ethical leader is self-assessment. When one is aware of his/her strong and weak points, he/she can guide others to maximize on their strengths, and work on their weaknesses while aligning their objectives to those of the organization. An effective leader in an organization has the duty of ensuring that ethics are installed and maintained among the employees. The best way of ensuring this is by being an ethical person because the employees are always watching to see how their leader acts (Day 534). An effective and ethical leader should engage in, and encourage employees to participate in social corporate responsibility.

An ethical leader ensures that the employees are trained on all fields that they handle in their day-to-day activities so that they can fully achieve what is expected of them. By completing their tasks at the workplace successfully, the product or service that they work on does not generate complaints from the end user for whom it is intended. An ethical leader achieves the deserved respect from employees and he/ she can easily influence them to be highly productive.    The leader can use such influence when there is conflict or change in an organization and some employees might be trying to resist the change. The effective leader can use his/ her influence to ensure the employees do not disrupt operations, but instead a discussion and agreement is reached, and high productivity is restored in an organizati

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