Sample Business Law Paper on Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a program under the
United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) strategy (CBP, 2021). Through the
program, CBP works to strengthen global supply chains and improve US border security.
CTPAT is a voluntary program that entrusts the CBP to maintain a high cargo security level
through close relationships with key stakeholders like importers, consolidators, carriers, and
manufacturers (CBP, 2021). When a business joins CTPAT, it agrees to collaborate with CBP
to protect the chain of supply, detect security threats and implement best practices and
security measures.


A business that joins the CTPAT program benefits from one, access to supply chain
specialists and educational resources. The business gets an opportunity to collaborate with
CBP specialists on matters of identifying and resolving supply chain security issues. There is
also access to training materials that teach the business the necessary security procedures,
especially compliance regulation (CBP, 2021). The second benefit is the faster transportation
of goods across the border. The faster the goods arrive, the sooner the business can sell them.
CTPAT helps a business achieve this through actions like a shorter period of waiting at the
border, faster release of cargo by the CBP, minimal CBP inspections, and access to secure
and free trade lanes at the Mexico and Canada borders (CBP, 2021). Priority consideration in
the case of an emergency is another benefit. When terrorist attacks or natural disasters occur,
businesses certified by the CTPAT are the first to resume operations.
A business in the CTPAT program also receives lower fines. For instance, if such a
business faces a fine due to a particular error, the fine rate is 50% lesser than the regular rate
(CBP, 2021). Another benefit is growth potential. Most local firms will only conduct business
with CTPAT-certified importers. This means that a business in this program has a

competitive advantage and an opportunity to enhance its brand (AAHP, 2021). Personnel,
data, and site security is another significant benefit that a business in the CTPAT program
acquires. On site security, CTPAT-certified companies are an undesirable target for thieves
(CBP, 2021). Personnel security is granted by discouraging questionable employees from
applying. Finally, on data security, the information systems of CTPAT-certified companies
are protected, which minimizes their likelihood of losing important data. Other benefits
offered by the CTPAT program to businesses include better internal processes and acquiring
importer eligibility (AAHP, 2021).



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