Sample Business Paper on Essentials of Communication

Essentials of Communication

Question One

‘FYI’ is an abbreviation that stands for ‘For Your Information’. It is used mainly in Memos or emails to show the receivers that they can view the information but they do not need to do anything about it or respond. ‘ASAP’ is an abbreviation for ‘as soon as possible’. It requires the receiver of a message to respond to the email the soonest possible. LOL is used as an acronym in messages to mean ‘Laughing out Loud’. It shows that the receiver of the message is mesmerised by the message or he/she is just happy about the comment made. ‘4 u’ means “for you”. It is used to imply that the message is meant for the receiver and should be kept secret. Gr8 is an abbreviated slang for great. Use of abbreviations is not official and should not be used in professional communications. They damage one’s professional image when used and should be avoided.

Question Two

Four goals to have when preparing business messages and presentation

  1. To inform- the writers should aim at clarifying and explaining an issue or concept.
  2. To persuade- the writing or presentation must gain a willing acceptance from the audience
  3. To motivate- the content should be analysed based on the size, interests, and attitudes of the audience.
  4. To entertain- The content should not bore the audience. Presentations should be lively.

Question Three

  1. The audience- should consider whether the audience uses or understands the media.
  2. Situational and cultural context – the circumstance around the presentation play a big role
  3. Size of medium – should be based on the number of people.
  4. The medium should be suitable for the nature of message being passed to the audience. It should also be able to reach the audience irrespective of the distance or other obstacles.
  5. The cost of the medium should be considerate.
  6. The goals or the mission statement of communication.

Another factor I may consider is technicality of the medium. Some mediums require expertise. If the required expertise to handle particular medium is not available, it should be avoided.

Question Four

A bias free language integrates expressions that do not exclude the audience based on ethnicity, age, race, gender or even particular mental, physical or social traits.


  1. All individuals should be included in general references by use of words that are gender-neutral
  2. Manpower – labour of human resources
  3. Man hour – hours or staff hours
  • Manmade – artificial, manufactured or synthetic
  1. When communicating, one should not consider familial or marital status
  2. Faculty and husbands – faculty and spouses
  3. You and your wives are welcome – you and your guest are welcome
  • Dear madam – dear Sir/Madam
  1. Use of pronouns that are gender-biased
  2. Every student should complete his assignment – students should complete their assignment
  3. A doctor treats his patients – doctors treat their patients
  4. Use of neutral words
  5. Policemen – police officers
  6. Sales man – sales executive
  • Founding fathers – founders
  1. Communication based on relevant attributes and not gender. Sexual stereotyping should be avoided.
  2. She really plays well. In fact, she plays like a man – she really plays well. She is a nice player
  3. A learned male student – a learned student

Question Five

We are pleased to announce an arrangement with you that allows us to offer discounted computers in your bookstore.

Question Six

Please note that your application could not be processed because you forgot to indicate your telephone number on the form.

Question Seven

Any applicant for the position of fire fighter must submit a medical report signed by his/her physician.