Sample Business Paper on Federal express

Purpose- the federal express is a shipping American firm whose main purpose is to ship
and deliver cargo worldwide. The company delivers cargo in time hence flexible and reliable.
Moreover, the firm provides transport services for express cargo delivery and freights globally
(Senn 115). The business is the largest shipping firm since it coordinates with different cargo
transportation companies worldwide. Accordingly, the firm is goal-oriented as they are capable
of meeting their targets of getting the maximum number of customers. Customers are attracted to
this firm because it meets their expectations due to their (FedEx) great service provision. As a
result, the firm generates enough profit that enables them to facilitate their daily shipping
History- According to Lakew (30), FedEx was formed in 1973 by Fredrick W. Smith,
and this is the time they began their operations of which they transported many packages to the
United States cities. The firm was formed with the main aim of providing door to door services
for small packages. In this case, the enterprise was able to transport and deliver packages the
following day after the main day the firm was formed. At this time, the firm was capable of
transporting around 500 packages per night; this facilitated the growth and development of this

company as they were able to gain half of the express traffic in the United States (Candler.,et al
97.). As a result, they become an important international service provider firm and this made
them the famous largest and overnight service delivery business worldwide.
Input- FedEx has formed a perfect connection between them and the customers,
associates, and suppliers. Therefore, this has ensured that the firm maintains its history of mass
production. In this category, the business provides many delivery services in a day. Some of the
delivery services include FedEx the same day, FedEx home delivery, packaging services, and
FedEx health care solutions (Campbell 14). The firm is very reliable and has employed well-
trained and skilled personnel who run everyday activities in this business hence faster service
production. The firm has a good reputation and this has always attracted the maximum number
of buyers. Also, the firm can manage their accounts online making it easier for the customers to
pay for the services online; this saves time and delays. After delivery, the confirmation is quickly
sent when the shipment is made to the recipient but when the customer misses the shipment, they
are refunded their cash immediately (Briney17) hence, creating trusts.
Process and outputs-FedEx deliver services in time and their daily activities also
revolve around time. The firm is therefore the best in time management and this is the reason
why they are capable of attracting many buyers hence good profit maximization. Additionally,
the firm possesses good shipping types of equipment that ensure that the package transport and
delivery are done on time. Such types of equipment are of high technology and this saves time
and energy. Before, the package transportation is done, all the information about the package is
recorded in the computer such that in case a package is missing, it can easily be traced and
appropriate correction is done on time. So, with the information recorded, the sorting unit finds it
easier to identify different packages before sending them to FedEx companies. The family of

FedEx has a good relationship hence promoting their delivery services. Therefore, the FedEx
family consists of FedEx; express Ground, Freight, and services. The family forms a corporation
that has done a great job of providing their customers with a large portfolio of e-commerce,
transportation, and business services (Bowen 430).
Accordingly, the firm remains an industry global leader as they created express
distribution. Through express distribution, the company gives rapid, reliable, and timely delivery
to over 200 countries and territories. As a result, they connect a market that consists of 90
percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) within one to three business days. Also,
the firm being the largest company has managed to defeat its competitors because it provides fast
and reliable services to over 3.6 million shipments daily. Moreover, FedEx Ground is one of the
families of FedEx that deals with Ground transportation. Also, it is the second-largest firm that
offers ground carriers for package delivery from one business to another and this has expanded
from one business to home. Accordingly, the firm transport less than truckload freight services
for heavyweight shipments. Even in far distances, FedEx freights can transport the load from
coast to coast since it is the market leader in providing more than truckload freight services. The
company is the best in shipment services since it provides more reliable, convenient, and also
efficient customer service. The firm possesses the named traits due to its hard work in marketing,
administrative, and information technology support function. The firm in question is a famous
shipment firm globally due to its uniqueness in dealing with the customers, outstanding qualities,
and the timely delivery of their services.
Resources: FedEx firm has various production factors that entail physical and human
resources. Therefore, under physical resources, the company has storage facilities, machines,
transportation among others. The firm has good and well-maintained storage facilities where the

loads are stored before shipment; this ensures that no spoilage is experienced during this time.
Moreover, the storage facilities maintain the cargo for a long period before they are transported
hence preventing losses that may be incurred. On the other hand, the firm possesses new
technological machines that are meant to hold and transport cargo to long distances. Most of the
time, such loads seem to be heavy and require heavy machines. The machines in this company
are robust, and undergo checkups daily; this promotes shipment activities. The machines are
durable and make work easier than when human labor is employed full time. Additionally, the
firm has well-established transportation vessels that are flexible and affordable and this attracts
many buyers to the services. The transportation services are provided promptly hence no wastage
of time is experienced hence the best firm so far.
The firm has human resources that comprise of well-trained personnel that ensure that the
activities in the company are well organized; this facilitates production services. The firm has
well trained and skilled personnel in their various branches and departments that carry out the
firm activities fast and this saves time. The labor force ensures that the production rate is
maintained as this promotes the steady supply of delivery services. The workers are motivated to
work due to their favorable working environment that ensures that the production rates are
stabilized. Steady provision of delivery services has made them cover a wide range of customers
hence maximizing great profit.
Also, the firm has enough funds that enable them to carry out daily activities. For
instance, the firm gets finances from the sales of services and other sources such as selling shares
among others. The company gets the finances from their hard work as a shipping firm. In this
case, the firm generates adequate funds that enable them to pay the workers and facilitates the

transportation of cargo from one place to another; this enhances the growth and development of
this firm. As a result, the firm has remained to be an outstanding shipping firm worldwide.
Industry outlook: The FedEx firm interacts positively with the surrounding individuals
who are; the potential customers, competitors, entrepreneurs, shareholders, and the special others
outside the business. The firm appreciates its customers by giving them value-added services and
giving them incentives among the rest; this has enabled the firm to capture the attention of many
buyers. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs use the firm's transport services hence creating a
strong bond between them. Additionally, the shareholders work together with the firm to create a
good plan for the future of this company.
In the modern economy, the firm has managed to care for its esteemed customers in a
way that the price increment is controlled so that, every individual fits in their service provision.
As a result, they can compete effectively with their fellow companies that are also doing this
type of business. However, the firm has a good competitive advantage since it offers
transportation services in every period, for example, the periods of little or non- economic
growth eras. The firm competes with most transportation firms worldwide. Nevertheless, the
firm outstands the rest of the enterprises dealing in the same line because of the high capacity of
package shippers. The business competes effectively because of the current services they offer.
Also, this firm offers a wide range of transport services hence defeating its competitors in the
market. On the same note, the firm has branded its services in a way that many buyers are
coming in for the services unlike in other companies. On the other hand, this company has a
good relationship with the outside world and the special others around. Also, the FedEx business
has outstanding qualities that attract a large number of customers. The firm's entrepreneurs are
more committed to developing this business and this has contributed to their success. This firm is

famous and is treasured by the people around; this is why their services are chosen among others.
For those reasons, this firm is the best worldwide.
Lastly, FedEx is one of the largest shipping companies worldwide as it offers
transportation services to various places for instance; from coast to coast, business to home,
nation to nation among others. The firm has well trained and qualified personnel that ensure that
the production activities transcends appropriately. Also, the company has outstanding qualities
just as discussed in the paper that enables them to stand out of the rest. Additionally, the business
has a good relationship with the people around this is advantageous in a competitive market. The
business offers the shipping of cargo to different parts of the world promptly hence attracting
many buyers to use their delivery services. Through daily activities, the business generates
enough profit that helps in facilitating daily activities hence growth and development. Therefore,
the FedEx firm is the best and is recommended to everyone who would like to use their services.

The system diagram

The diagram below shows various steps contained in a system. The first step is the
service provider part. In the service center, the intended buyers step in to deliver their packages.
The staff at the service center records all the information about the package to be delivered; this
ensures that no issues of theft or lost packages are experienced. Also, the center takes care of the
billing shipment. Step two is the process where the customer information on the package is
revised to ensure that they are correct before sorting them out. At the sorting facility, five options
are considered that is; FedEx Corporation, FedEx express FedEx ground, FedEx freight, and
FedEx services. Lastly, FedEx is the output part.

Input Process Output

Package at the service

Sorting at the local

Delivered by FedEx


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