Sample Business Paper on Mission Statement Analysis

Analysis of Home Depot’s Mission Statement

The home depot’s mission statement is a great illustration of how the company is focused
on delivering great value to its customers while being mindful of the cost. In most cases great
value comes at an additional cost, but not with the home depot. The assurance of the provision of
the highest level of services, a wide range of products for all people at an affordable price is
more than a customer can ask for. This builds trust and opens doors to everyone, believing they
will find something that will serve them hence developing community bonds. The Home depot’s
mission statement is one of their greatest marketing strategy, it played a great role in making
them the leading home improvement retail in the United States.
The home depot has their major focus on customer satisfaction. This has been clearly
illustrated on their mission statement and core values. This shows they are not only focused on
making profit but also impacting the lives of their customers and society at large. Value addition
is a key point on their mission statement. Delivering great value to customers is crucial for
customer satisfaction which will make them keep coming back. The home depot knows better
and has made this their driving force. Their employees are not left behind, they watch out for all
their people and always do the right thing. This is a guarantee of legit business, transparency and
honesty. The fear of dealing with cons has everyone cautious of who they are doing business
with, the home depot has gone an extra mile to assure their customers that they are reliable.


Nike’s Mission Statement Analysis

Nike’s mission statement is a motivation to athletes all over the world through the
assurance of inspiration and innovation to serve every athlete’s needs. Confidence is vital in
every competition, nothing boosts confidence more than knowing you are fully equipped to take
on the competition. Nike has majored in developing quality sports gear to suit all their customer.
Nike’s mission statement clearly outlines who their customer is. This gives everybody that
connects with the company’s product a sense of belonging. Nike provides a large diversity of
sports gear, there is something for everyone.
Nike’s Mission shows they are a customer oriented company, with great emphasis on
customer satisfaction through excellent customer service and high quality products. The
company has innovated high quality sports gear for the physically challenged, kids, men and
women for each and every sport. This is a clear indication that they are not just focused on
making profit but meeting the customer’s needs. Nike’s mission statement is an indication that
the company goes an extra mile to help optimize the capabilities of their customers therefore
boosting their growth. This builds trust and ensures customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
hence growth for the company.


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