Sample Business Paper on Networking Assignment

Networking Assignment

My choice of the interviewee was a local manager working at a private hospital as an administrator. He has a degree in business management and administration, and another master in business administration (MBA). He has worked as the hospital administrator for the past five years, and has prior experience of working in a management capacity for the past four years. Aside from this exposure, he has also served for several years under different managers in different sectors of the economy where he gained leadership, managerial, and interpersonal skills that were vital for his integration into his role as a future manager. However, his current hospital job is his first time working in the health care field, and he had to struggle to acquire and implement the right managerial strategy to suit his new role.

The reason I chose this person for the interview was that I hope to one-day work in diverse sectors of the economy where I can gain the necessary experience and exposure to different professionals, knowledge, and skills. This will be crucial in my development of leadership skills from an early age, which would be vital in enriching my career path that has to be involved with management. Additionally, aside from this, my choice of the interviewee was due to the success of the hospital for which he was the first manager, and has sustained it as a successful and profitable venture in spite of a lack of experience in the health care field. These managerial, entrepreneurial, and marketing skills of the hospital administrator were interesting to learn their strategy and sustenance.

Based on the interview, there are several pertinent issues and benefits that I learned. Foremost, management is skill that is not inherent in an individual, but rather is a skill that one has to continuously practice, nurture, and improve. Additionally, one’s knowledge is insufficient to become an effective manager, but rather application of the knowledge grants one the ability to become an effective manager. Aside from managerial skills and knowledge, another pertinent quality that an individual should possess in order to progressive in their careers is good ethics at the work place and towards fellow employees or work mates. Finally, it is prudent to perform research on a given topic, organization, or individual that one is to interview to ensure that all the pertinent issues are addressed during the interview. A neglect of this research would result in poor quality data generated or frequent interviews that could be repetitive and time consuming.

One of the most unexpected facts I learned from the interview is the zeal for people in top management positions to seek new, young, and talented individuals whom they can mentor and advise on becoming successful socially and professionally. Another surprising factor derived from the interview is the ease of comfort and openness that interviewees tend to become once a trustful relationship has been developed. Therefore, one has to ensure that their research ethics are aptly applied to ensure that the interviewee’s information that has been given is protected and that only the pertinent information is used for the intended research or academic purpose. Additionally, another surprising factor was that it is easy for an interview to sway from its intended objective, and instead begin to focus on issues that are irrelevant to the research hypothesis or objective. Therefore, the interviewer has to adhere to a strict code of conduct and line of questioning to ensure that only the pertinent information is discussed and retrieved.

Networking serves several purposes that are vital for one’s social and professional careers. Foremost, it acts as an avenue to exchange information and ideas, which are vital in enhancing one’s knowledge and skills. Secondly, networking is esteem since it allows people to know of one’s knowledge and skills that could be vital in their selection to perform various jobs related to their professional careers. This is vital when conducting interviews since one can easily receive information regarding potential job openings, and receive internal job recommendations regarding their suitability as a candidate for the job opening. In the social context, networking is important since it enhances one’s lifestyle, behaviors, attitudes, mannerisms, and beliefs. This influence is essential in the creation of an individual with good moral judgment, good interpersonal skills, and good social accreditation.

Aside from these benefits, networking also serves as a tool for people to share information that could be vital in changing one is regarding certain negative issues in their lives. For instance, in the event that one loses a loved one, the friends created through networking could serve to improve one’s morale and strength in dealing with the loss. Additionally, networking serves as important for companies to market their resources, products, and services that they offer. This can be crucial for generating an increased clientele list through the use of the employees’ social and professional networks. Therefore, it is vital that a person on the verge of beginning their careers have an avenue to seek knowledge and skills that would serve to increase their development in the social and professional lives.