Sample Business Paper on Opel Boutique in Essex (London)

Opel Boutique in Essex (London)


Initially formed as a wholesaler back in 1997, the Opel Boutique in Essex had its large break six years afterward, when it entered into retail, and the break-neck growth continues. Now, there are over 1000 stores across the world and more are opening all the time. The company self-assuredly forecasts that there will be more as time goes by. The majority are in London, but stores have also opened in Europe and Asia. Their sales have increased from $50 million in 2005 to over $500 million in 2013. It is an extremely big achievement for Charney, who is a Jewish Canadian and college dropout, who initiated his empire by selling T-shirts out of suitcases on the streets. Whether the behavior of Charney ever crossed the line should be a matter for the law courts to decide. However, as far as its publicity goes, Opel Boutique in Essex is far better contrasted with other fashion brands that ruthlessly exploit sex (Edwards 67).

Target Market Opportunity

The Opel Boutique in Essex uses two segments geographically and there are non-residents of the United Kingdom and residents of the United Kingdom. The demographic of Opel Boutique in Essex is the young adults who are aged between 20 and 35. The segment is likely to spend more on themselves for their age does not allow them to cater for anybody else like their elders who have mortgages and families.

Charney and his company are not so much selling sex as authenticity. As shown in one video where a girl talks about AA models on the website, she says that the girls featured in the ads appear attractive because they are real. This authenticity vibrates the target market that Charney expresses as young metropolitan adults. For this city customer, Opel Boutique in Essex has been the store for logo-free wardrobe basics. It also draws a secondary mass of pre-teens and teens, and baby boomers that are fed up with the gap and still want to look good at the Stones’ gigs. The easy styles enhance one’s figure and the colors are dazzling. The clothes are considered to be worn while clubbing, relaxing or working. It is their inbuilt youth appeal, which makes them sexy.

According to an interview done on the Opel Boutique in Essex, which was dubbed “Not Your Average”, the brand positioning reveals what the interviews of the people within the target market had pointed out was the existing perception of Opel Boutique in Essex. The firm has taken what they presently judge as errors of Opel Boutique in Essex and re-positioned the brand in a way that successfully positions the brand optimistically in the minds of their targets while still preserving the core concept of the brand uniqueness.

Market Overview and Competitors

The brand communication via email with customers encourages them to give their feedback on the products, and more particularly the new products (Tsai 364). While many fashion companies want their customers to wear with pride their logos, it is a one-way street. Opel Boutique in Essex believes that its customers are mobile posters, but they get little reward for their obvious displays of the brand. The Opel Boutique in Essex always engages in asking questions and has not branded its clothes. By cheering active contribution in the trend of the company and sustaining this discussion, Opel Boutique in Essex is taking into account much more than its competitive set to generate a loyal society of consumers.

Advertisements for the Opel Boutique in Essex products appear on a few websites like and and in publications, such as Time Out and Vice. Any time they open a new store, the brand is shown in local free sheets to drive sensitization of the product. There are no groups involved in the brand’s media strategy or advertising. Just like with the clothes manufacture, nothing has been outsourced.

Everything, including the marketing, is managed in a house in London as part of the vertical integration model. This enables projects to be executed within a matter of days. Opel Boutique in Essex readily admits that they do not perform any market research. They just measure the investment return on the Internet ads and see how many people are clicking through, and they choose magazines since they like their aesthetic. On, Opel Boutique in Essex was the first advertiser to go for the classiest real estate on the site, which is a showcase that appears at the top of every page and revolves around the advertiser’s copy. Opel Boutique in Essex recognizes that their readers are the influencers. Normally, their visitors are the ones who stretch the word to a larger audience. Within Opel Boutique in Essex, there is talk of appealing to an innovative class and it is no doubt helpful that a fair fraction of employees fit this demographic. These people distinguish what is fashionable long before it hits the streets, whether it is the return of kids from fame or retro sports. By maintaining its advertising existence to a minimum, but getting the brand seen in the correct places, Opel Boutique in Essex has maximized its contagious factor while remaining less costly and highly effective.

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