Sample Business Paper on Living Economies of Novo Nordisk

Question 1
Living economies support and emphasize business models that are natural and social
sustaining by eliminating environmental threats when conducting business. Living economies are
long-sustainable as they minimize the impacts of global warming. Novo Nordisk is a multi-
national pharmaceutical company that is committed in its model to zero environmental impact in
operations and products. Ecological safety and security by maintaining nature is a gateway to
sustainable livelihoods and the planet.
Novo Nordisk has implemented a circular for zero strategies, all to make a circular
economy a reality. Novo Nordisk has devised products that are renewable to curtail
environmental waste. For instance, Novo Nordisk aims to manufacture insulin pens that diabetes
patients can reuse (Posadas et al., 2020). Novo Nordisk also sources raw materials that are
environmentally friendly to facilitate a circular supply chain. Modeling appliances in
consideration of circular principles is a solution to a sustainable environment.
Novo Nordisk has shifted to fully rely on renewable electricity in all operations to
eradicate environmental degradation by CO 2 emissions. Novo Nordisk is a member of RE100,
accounting for 100% use of renewable energy in all of Novo Nordisk's production sites. Wind,
solar, and hydro-power are sources of renewable power utilized by Novo Nordisk. Following
these commitments and efforts to uphold high bioethical standards and environmental
responsibility, Novo Nordisk is LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) verified
in the U.S (Posadas et al., 2020). Technology advancements that account for ecological
responsibility significantly improve the environment.

Living economies are found on eliminating ecological pollutions that contribute to
climate change. Novo Nordisk is making a product that can be re-purposed and made use of to
minimize waste. Advocating for reliance on green energy by Novo Nordisk is core in reducing
the threat of climate change. Embracing environmental responsibility by reducing environmental
impacts by reducing waste and reliance on renewable energy eliminates climate change risks and



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