Sample Business Paper on The Marketing Executives Profession

The Marketing Executives Profession

With every company striving to be market-driven and customer-focused, marketing representatives among other professionals are important tasks for companies. These representatives have a mandate to push the agenda of the company by ensuring that they establish a pricing structure, set up channels of distribution, and articulate the firm’s pricing through promotions and advertisement. Marketers work in hand with the sales teams who have a duty to sell the firm’s products.

In marketing segmentation, information is very vital. This information ranges from the firm’s customers; their consumption habits, their volume of what they buy, their likes/ tastes and dislikes. It is important that the firm’s marketers keep updated, accurate, and easily analyzable information thus the importance of information technology to marketers. Different institutions have different ways of gathering customer information. Such methods include gathering information at the point of sale, reservation system in travel, and electronic data interchange in manufacturing among others.

The marketing segment anticipates the customers’ needs and works at ensuring that the firm’s products meet the customers’ requirements. According to Anita Cassidy, the business strategy should focus on customer needs and satisfaction. The technology strategy adopted should prioritize both the clients and business satisfaction. (11)

Data collection and analysis can be eased by the use of a computer. After collection, the data is stored and later processed into a useful form after which it is availed to the users. This is a delicate assignment and when executed poorly can highly cost the institution. According to … marketing staff these days use computers to solve problems. These problems range from tracking to plan implementation. The firm’s future performance plans are worked on using personal computers. These plans include; cash analysis, profit viability, and assessment of opportunities. (299)

The use of technology in a firm is facilitated by the use of the software. Whatever software one chooses to use should be updated so as to avoid incurring expenses on maintenance and repairs. An example of software is the Pegasus Software Ltd Package.

As a marketing representative in the day’s competitive business world, one has to remain relevant and up to the task. This can only be possible if one is at par with the technological advancements that affect their career as well as frequently researching on matters affecting their firm. This, therefore, means that a laptop that is directly connected to the internet is a must thing in the house. In addition, a tablet is a must carry in their bag or car. This will help one in keeping in touch with the current issues in line with their duty. It will also facilitate research on how to better the firm and probably have a glimpse of what other firms are doing.

It is important for marketing representatives to go that extra step as they link the firms’ goals, visions, and products to the customers. They therefore should ensure that the relationship between the customer and the firm is at its best at all times by ensuring that they conduct research on the customers’ needs and expectations and steering the company’s activities towards achieving the same.

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