Sample Business Plan on (Exquisite Service)

Business Plan (Exquisite Service)

Executive Summary

Everyone at one time or another has surfed the Web, whether to shop for a holiday gift or special item, for a school project, check a sports score, scrolled a page, just for fun our hands and might have clicked a hyperlink, used a shopping cart or instant messaged a friend. Therefore, the web is a vital part of individuals’ daily lives. It has been the key center of information and it has become impossible to escape the web. It is an awful and primarily visual realm. Individuals relate with what they see on their computer screens. Failure to have the visual component, there would be lack of Internet.

Along with the high level of interactivity of Internet, this makes the web design and the web page layout of great significance, especially for the business organizations. There are methods useful in publishing an effective web page. As seen from the 2000 Internet crash that led to failure of many sloppy and professional sites, the worth of web page content is the time, efficiency, and money put into it. Alongside with this, the progress of high-speed access to the Internet has made efficiency and speed extremely essential. When designing a web page, several skills and steps need to be applied andconsidered to make sure that a web page is efficient, practical, and gets the job done. This paper examines how Exquisite Service will use web design and HTML coding to reach its target clients and gain competitive advantage.




Individuals use websites in their everyday lives to socialize as well as for business, but the question remains “how are they are created? How can they attract users? The processes of website design entails assorting and linking graphics and codes into a text editor like notepad and then display it on a web browser. There are various things to remember during website design that range from CSS, HTML, as well as XHTML codes to script languages, such as the Java Script. Web design has a cosmic history taking into consideration that it is quite a young profession. It uses multifaceted codes to come up with web pages together with programs supporting the creation. The Internet did not start out as a social network platform or to play games online. It was initiated in the 1960s for military and scientific personnel to trade important and top secret information via telephone lines that took long compared to the high speed Internet providers existing today. Nevertheless, the Internet spread to more community professions like hospitals, government agencies, schools, as well as businesses during the 1980s.

With the drastic change in technology, Exquisite Services, being a provider of clothing and other products and services for young generation in the United States will deserve a website where its clients can access and purchase the products. This website should be efficient since it will serve customers in the small American towns, who will include younger individuals aged between10-18. Most of these ages are familiar with the current technology and would be willing to purchase products online. Efficient websites ensures that customers properly address their complaints, which are responded to in a timely manner by the support.



Mission Statement

To develop an efficient website that will provide cost-effective, timely, unique, and secure youth-oriented fashion and products to the small towns within the United States (U.S).

Keys to success

  • To provide an efficient website, which is entertaining in areas, such as trip to the favorite store where clients can always access new or a fashionable products.
  • To ensure excellent vendor relationship to provide a faultless platform for timely and effective shipment of customer orders.
  • To create an effective and well-organized strategy useful in online advertisement of youth oriented businesses within the community.

Business Summary

Exquisite Services will deal with youth-oriented productson an online platform. It will provide designs to trend on the national platform that will be unavailable on the local market in the U.S. The business will create a cost-effective operation to provide quick delivery of clothing and product purchase for the target clients. Moreover, Exquisite Services will operate on delivery upon order to make sure that the products supply is upon the customer demands. The business will mainly focus on electronic marketing of products in small towns with a population of approximately 150, 000 residents. The main strategy that the company will use is to stage events to ensure an increase in visibility of the online store in relation to the target customer base.The company’s domain name will be

To deliver better services, especially to our new clients, the business will be hosted by Hostgator. Hostgator’s unique services include infinite bandwidth, easily installed patterns as well as limitless space for the disk. Hostgator has proved to be the most dedicated servers and also offers a new company with more than 2 free domain names.

Business Ownership

The company will be a sole proprietorship because this type of ownership allows fast and efficient decision making, particularly when introducing new products to the market. Additionally, it becomes easy to start, especially for an online store. Further, it ensures extreme confidentiality in the accounts of the company. Sole proprietorship business further offers an easier way to restructure the business when necessary changes are needed. Being managed by one individual, all employees will report to a central point and this will ensure a symbiotic relationship between the management and the workers. This relationship will ensure victoryto the businessbecause of the clearly defined chain of command (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor 51).

Start-up Summary

The cost to be incurred during the start-up for Exquisite Services includes creation of a website, creation of a promotion campaign, and product inventory. This will be financed by the proprietor’s investment to the company and a long-term bank loan.

Products and Services

The company will provide its target clients with products for the youth, such as sweaters, shoes, jackets, pants, shirts, bags, dresses, skirts, hats and eyewear. The firm intends to make its products highly valuable and fashionable in the market. These products will undergo various changes in accordance with changes in technology and fashion. Additionally, the business aims at providing its clients with tailor made products to suit their interests. As an individual is registered to be a member of the company’s website, the firm will give a platform for individuals to suggest the design intended to be incorporated in the product. This strategy will ensure that the business satisfies the interests of all of its clients by provision ofcustomized products.

Market Analysis Summary

The latest population report by the U.S Census Bureau shows that 35 million population of the U.S are individuals are aged between 10-18 years. This is almost 9% of the state’s population. This group is highly influenced by the spending habits related to fashion, technological materials and food. The youth dominate the entire areas of population culture and are the fastest growing group of spenders. The shoe sector and the designer clothing targeting the youth and has expanded widely.  To attract youth to use the Internet especially in e-commerce, businesses should use social media and their websites, which are mostly used by teenagers. Businesses have launchedvarious online stores to give the youth a chance to not only browse, but also order commodities online through the existing websites.

Most of the firms operating in an online platform have supply and retail stores in the physical market where the youthaccess goods they order can effortlessly. Additionally, the stores serve as promotional vehicles for individualswith a desire to engage in online shopping. Online shopping in the United States among the youth aged 10- 18 years was approximately $800 million by 2007 and was projected to have increased by 2013 taking into consideration that as youth spend more time on the Internet. They also secure an opportunity tofind out the existing products and services trending, their value and their availability. Majority of the most online demanded products include clothing, music and movies, shoes, computer software, bags and toys among other products.



Market Segmentation

The U.S has been experiencing a tremendous change in its population dynamics. The non-metropolitan population has been suffering an exponential evolution nearly to the level of the cities.  Presently, most Americans do not reside in the urban centers and offer a boost in clothing industry. This has forced firms to create a small percentage to this market. Some other communities have various colleges and institutions where electronic commerce can take place effectively.  In small cities, e-commerce services are accessible in regional malls but most companies target clients living in the urban centers.In the country side, such products are comparatively rare. Modern industries offering these products as well as online users are rare and are mainly found in the urban centers.

Exquisite Services will ensure that the rebellious teenagers, especially those against technology and fashion undergo sub-culture affiliation.Additionally, those teenagers with technological phobia will change their attitude to clothing, shoes, music they listen to and their hairstyle. Also, the company will aim at provision of alternative online store for fashion and products to small towns within the United States. The company’s strategy will boost the colleges and other institutions to use e-commerce, especially in the fashion industry.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Exquisite Services will advertise on other websites and magazines such as social media platforms. This will only encompass magazines and sites popularly known for their content in the affairs of the youth. The company will further organize events for various communities aimed at raising the website visibility to the target customers. The most targeted areas will be the West Coast, the East Coast, the Midwest and the rural areas. The company will promote its website by sponsoring various groups with the Exquisite Services logo. They will distribute stickers, T-shirts as well as other promotional materials. Similarly, the business will offer 25 discounts on purchases for the first one hundred customers to register as member of the website as well as every online transaction completed.

Competitive advantage

Exquisite Services will provide online product lines of higher quality at lower prices. It will also operate in rural areas. This will create a loyal client base. To enable such a link, the website will have chat areasfor customers to share their experiences with both the products and services. In addition, the chat segment will also provide the business with a platform of engaging directly with the customers to be able to handle any complains arising from the use of the products, the quality of services that the business offers and the areas for improvement. As a new online venture, the company willwork to retain its customers through after sale services where the clients will receive their products through free delivery to the nearest vendor within their localities. Additionally, discounts as well as free samples to clients who purchase large quantity of merchandize on online sales will enablethe company retaining the old clients and attracting new ones into the business. Proper address of queries within 12 hours will also enable the company gain competitive advantage. Other areas where the company will gain competitive advantage on its web design and HTML coding will include;

A Web Page

A web page entails an electronic document drawn in a computer language called HTML. Each web page has an exceptional address, known as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that identifies its position on the network (Beaird, Farley & Simoneau 27). Exquisite services website will have more than one related web pages, subject to its design. The linking of web pages will use system of hyperlinks, so that a customer will be able to jump between them through a click on a link. On the website, the clients will traverse, or surf through information pages on the basis of theirwelfare at that specific moment.
Home Page

When an individual browses the World Wide Web, the term “Home Page” appears regularly. This is a starting point of a website. Exquisite Services’ website will have several pages because it will have a lot of information. The web pages change wildly in design and content, but majority of them use a format of a traditional magazine with a masthead or banner graphic at the top of the page as well as a list of items like articles with a brief description. The listed items are usually hot because they are linked to other pages within the website or to other websites. At times, the links are highlighted words within the body of the text or arranged in a list like an index.
The structure of the Website

Designing the company’s website will start with planning the objectives of the website, its content, and the nature of the clients (Sklar 19). The website for Exquisite Services will make it easy for the clients to navigate and get information that they desire. However, it will make it simple for one to manage and update it later on.
Planning the Content and the Purpose of the Website

Feasibly, the key consideration is figuring out how the company’s web will serve its intended audience. The Exquisite Services site will be entertaining, providing a special service like access to reference materials, sales of merchandize or advertising. The site will include a questionnaire soliciting information from its viewers. By clearly understanding what information the users want and how often the company should update that information will aid it maintain its site so that it becomes fresh and beneficial. The more the company will understand its audience, the better they will serve them with their site.
Outlining the Structure of the Website

After planning the site, Exquisite Services will want to experiment with various designs for organization of information, and deliberate various ways that customers will route to individual pages in the site. Most clients will experience the company’s site one page at a time with the home page as the start page. The home page will regularly have some sort of table of contents describing the details of the site. Through a sketch of an outline or a flow chart of the website, it will show the home page and how it will link to the other pages within the site. The company will resolve any issues about the design and change the overall structure of the site before it create the real pages and links within the home page. It is always possible that an individual may reach another page in the company’s site first. For instance, an individual using a search engine like Alta Vista or Yahoo may search for a keyword appearing somewhere in the site, but not on the home page. Because of this, the company will include a link on all of the pages in its site going back to the home page.
Deciding what to Include in the Web Pages

Home Page will offer various ways to present information in the company’s Web Pages. The options that the company will use will depend on the nature of information it would like to include. The decision as to what to include in the Web page will also be contingent on its audience and the browsers they will use. Older browsers that do not support the present HTML version would not certainly support all of the latest options, like tables, text fonts and color, frames, or plug-ins for databases, movies, applets and sound.


Using Common Elements to Create a Theme

Repetition of common elements in the site will be effective to tie information together and communicate the main message of the site. Use of logos, mottos, slogans as well as special graphics is a good example. This will also be improved and use of art for the background of the pages, color schemes for text and images and special images for buttons. More delicate effects for creation of a unifying theme across the web pages will include naming the company’s links regularly, using bold and italics in its pages, as well as having special placement of text and images. Exquisite Services will create its own Home Page libraries to save the special design effects and joint elements and use them for every new page that it creates. Additionally, it will save every page that it creates as an HTML template, and use the template in creation of more pages for its site.
Including Texts and Images in the Pages

Text and images are the elementary visual elements seen in most Web sites and are supported by every version of HTML. Home Page gives ways to use images and texts to easily construct a Web site. In Home Page, the user can type text like he/she would in a word processor, and the suitable HTML is inserted for the user. If the user wants to include some distinctive characters like the copyright symbol, in the company’s site, Exquisite Services will use Home Page for the symbol formatting as HTML to appear in all browsers. It will also bring text that it created in another application into a Web page and easily use HTML formatting styles to it. Using images other than GIF or JPEG enables Home Page convert them, if possible, to the format of GIF, one among the standardized image formats recognized by Web browsers. Home Page has libraries of GIF images that the company can use in its pages. The company may also decide to use images instead of text for our links in navigational list or the table of contents, to associate information graphically to other pages in its site. When selecting images for its site, the company will keep in mind that larger and complex images incorporating several textures and colors, can expressively add to the download time of a page.
Using Tables or Frames for Page Layout

In addition to use of tables to organize information into columns and rows, an individual can hide the use tables and the borders to design the page layout. One can feignHTML margins and tabs by uniformly placement of spaced texts or images in table cells. One can then use the table for each page in his/her site. Also, a frame page is a useful way to control how information is shown in an individual’s site. Exquisite Services will use frames to display concurrent views of its Web pages, so that its viewers will navigate through its site in the same window. This is disadvantageous because not every browser gives aid to frames. If one decides to use frames, he/she should consider setting up an alternative page for those browsers that do not support them. Also, horizontal rules provide substitute ways to control the layout of a Web page. Horizontal rules are objects that one can use to divide pages into sections. They can be aligned to the left, right and center of the page and alter their length, width, and shading.
Including Forms or a Database on the Site

Home Page 3.0 aids making a website collaborative via the use of forms in ones pages. An individual can use forms to implore information from his viewers, whether it is encouraging them to fill out a questionnaire, to sign a guest book, or to search ones database of goods to place an order. Use of forms needs a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) writing to process information between the viewer’s browser of the web server and the where the website is published. By use of Home Page Exquisite Services will be able to link to a FileMaker Pro 4.0 database in its page, so that it can use the combined Web server capabilities of FileMaker Pro, instead of a CGI script, to develop form data. It will use the FileMaker form libraries and the viewer’s browser to create form pages that freely connect to the database.

Sales strategy

During the first one month, the business sales will be constant. This will be basedon the novelty of the website and there will be a need for time allocations for the clients to familiarize themselves with the business. The company aims to expand further through continued advertisements and market campaigns. The clients will be aware of the products in the market.  In the initial financial year, the business will be able to reach at least 35% of its targeted clients.

Organizational Structure

Exquisite Service is a soletrader; thereby the proprietor of the business remains to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). All company workers will be answerable to the CEO. Also, there will be Information Technology (IT) technicians who will manage online salesbyensuring that there is accuracy in the systems, availability of products and that the clients can access all products with ease. Moreover, the business will have sales officers responsible for delivery of products to the clients after their order. Accounts personnelwill be responsible for the financial management of the business. The accountant will also be answerable to the CEO.

Marketing officer will organize promotional campaigns and plans, which will be aimed at improving the reputation of the business and its products to the clients. Online marketing will also be done to ensure that more people are aware of the website. The customer attendant will ensure that the image of the business to the clients is maintained by responding to the complaints and clients feedback.

Web designer will develop the web, sustain and update information on the site. This will make sure that the business is pertinent and up to date in its operations and pricing strategies. The web designer will ensure security of the website and prevent possibility of hackers who might interfere with the day to day operations of the business.  All workers as well as the management will be responsible to provide information necessary to update the website.

Financial Plan

Items Amount ($)
Website developer 500
Sales and marketing personnel 10,000
Website maintenance 25
Website Hosting 40
Inventory 20,000
Total 30, 565











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