Sample Business Plan on Mister Car Wash

Business Plan


Mister Car Wash is rising in the list of the best car washing industry (Car Wash, 2011). This organization was established in 1969 in Texas as a single store. It has drastically developed to become one of the best in the car wash business. Presently it prides itself as being the greatest in the car wash and lube chain. It is currently operating 74 car washes and 28 lube centers in 17 markets and 102 sites in 9 states (Car Wash, 2011). Morocco remains to be the main destination of this business as there is untapped potential in this sector. There are pre-existing businesses in this sector in Morocco. However, there is need for upgrade of this sector to meet the growing demands and technology.

Strategic Objective

This research is carried out to enlarge and establish the upcoming versions of the old output in Morocco (Car Wash, 2011). The objective is to enlarge the business and create new market, incorporate higher technology into the industry and meet the needs and expectations of the public. This will be achieved by reducing the price charged to the services rendered to customers. Through this strategy, more of the middle-income families will be attracted to our services.

Business Risk Analysis

Uncertainty as part of the business environment can be converted to planned uncertainty. This is possible if business managers plan and evaluate risks prior to. Some of the risks can be managed while others are beyond control. Through this analysis, risks are to be evaluated and measures put in place through creation of alternative scenarios.

Economic Exchange and Repatriation of Funds Risks

The most important aspects in economy are connected to shocks in demand, which are usually connected to political changes. This is difficult to overcome, as political changes are unpredictable. However, the company can insure itself against such risks and overcome lose accrued in such cases. Unpredictability of prices is among the rising effects of the input costs. As the main car wash industry, the company has placed measures to reduce fluctuation in process. This is by reducing the price and hence attracting more customers. By standardizing the prices, the business will be among the bodies to dictate the price. Thus, during the high seasons, more profits shall be realized which will cater for the extra costs in low seasons. Another risk is the trade restrictions, which the government can greatly influence. Negotiation can be made with the foreign government in favor of the foreigners. The business is able to make a choice either to comply with the restrictions or pressurize the government to change these restrictions. Repatriation is the process undertaken to convert foreign income to the home income. The investor ends up receiving the difference between the two currencies depending on the exchange rates. It also refers to the economic measures outlaid by a state to minimize the capital investment from foreign states. In order to overcome repatriation budget limitations can be exercised while restriction on time can be prioritized among the staff. Morocco remains one of the stable nations and hence few political challenges are to be expected. Since the company has risen to compete among the best, it is in a position to dictate the environment its favor. Therefore, few risks are therefore expected (O’Sullivan, Rey & Mendez, 2011).



Distribution and Supply Chain Risks

Supply risks have an effect on the supply chain, as the demand is not met in relation to quantity and quality of the products, which result to supply disruption. Aspects that help to minimize costs of supply chain include virtual inventory, limited distribution equipment, and supplier rationalization. To prevent the risks, the management need to determine and evaluate the present risk, get active in the provider relationships, classify alternatives in the supply, chose providers in different regions for provision of the alternative options, delivery of the services, empower the partners and be proactive. There is need to create a mitigation strategy when quantifying and prioritizing risks. This involves the customer and measures the impact of the chain disruptions. This trail can be analyzed to the producer cycle and the sourcing factors. Business stakeholders should then build relationships with other businesses to realize the best alternative sources (O’Sullivan, Rey & Mendez, 2011). The suppliers, providers of logistics and potential customers need to be incorporated in the collaboration plans. Supply chains procedures needs to be clear for easy tracking and control of the material flow. Analysts can also be included to determine the suitable methods for the control of the supply chain risks.

Strategic Planning Process

The mission of the business is to offer the most user friendly and technologically advanced services in the car wash industry. The company plans to exceed customer expectations and developing partnership with the staff, suppliers, and the customers. By being environmentally conscious, the company will serve the community and the world.


Contingency Plan

To overcome unforeseen events, there is need to manage the stock, look out for alternative arrangements in sourcing and apply for the contingency insurance. As the business is growing to reach the geographical limits, the name can be franchised as a growth strategy to meet this goal. This expansion strategy can be applied to the present car washes but at a price. In this manner, growth shall have been experienced, risks related to growth minimized and the target market reached. It will also help in fast growth of the business. Another plan is to incorporate the business to prevent the owners from being personally liable in case of loses.


Mister Car Wash has been a competitive business in the car washing industry. In order to expand, the company must face some risks such as the economic and repatriation of funds risks. Measures to curb these risks include insuring the company, franchising the name, changing the business to be a corporation and including the stakeholders, customers and the staff in the entire planning process.








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Risk Risk involved Mitigation
Economic, exchange and Repatriation of funds ·       Demand shock

·       Price fluctuation

·       Trade restrictions

·       Economic instability

·       Insure against political instability

·       Negotiations with the government

·       Applying the set strategies

Distribution and Supply Chain ·       Supply Disruption

·       Unreliable suppliers

·       Market instability

·       Demand shock

·       Evaluation of the present risk,

·       Relate with active providers

·       Have alternatives suppliers

·        Empowering of partners

·       Being proactive

Strategic Planning Process ·       Offering of user friendly services

·       Create partnership with the staff, suppliers, and the customers.

·        Serve the community and the world.

·       Applying technologically advanced services

·       Exceed customer expectations

·       Be environmentally conscious


Contingency Plan ·       Manage the stock

·        Look for alternative sourcing

·       Personal Liability


·       Establish the business as a corporation

·       Incorporate the staff in all plans

·       Apply contingency insurance

·       Franchise the name of the business