Sample Business Studies Admission Essay on Discovering Myself: Evaluation of my Management Skills

Discovering Myself: Evaluation of my Management Skills

Tests represent an important way to rate oneself on skills and personality against set criteria. Skill tests can serve to evaluate the capacity of an individual to perform a task or fit a particular position effectively. From the test score exercises evaluating my leadership and planning abilities, I obtained a score of 23. A score of 20 or more in the exercise indicates that planning is a management strength for the individual. This meant that planning is a major area of strength in my abilities as a manager. I scored evenly on all types of intelligence targeted in the self-assessment exercise, including logical-mathematical, interpersonal, verbal-linguistic, intrapersonal, and musical. This outcome represented an important indication of my potential to succeed in multiple areas and tasks in management.

In particular, my test scores showed that the role of a strategic adaptor is a major strength in my management skills and abilities. Individuals with high “strategic adaptor” abilities focus on ways to improve things and situations for strategic value through competent execution. The areas of implementation, maximization of resources for strategic advancement, strategic execution, and strategic improvements are the areas of my strongest attributes. These areas of ability in management contrast with the area of innovation, in which individuals have strong attributes to develop and push towards new paradigms and ways of doing things. Implementation and execution are the processes of turning plans/strategies into action to accomplish strategic goals and objectives. This means that coordination, organization, effective communications and teamwork, empowerment and motivation of team members, and monitoring of progress to ensure successful achievement of set goals are my strongest attributes in management.

Towards the future, I shall focus on the implementation and execution roles of management to improve my leadership skills by boosting my specialization in these areas. I shall consider pursuing an advanced degree course covering areas such as communications, human resource management, and project management to enhance my skills and knowledge in these roles and focus on applying these skills practically and professionally to build my experience. This plan would exploit the areas of my greatest strengths in management to strengthen my leadership skills.