Sample Business Studies Coursework Assignment on OB Process Business Studies

1) in the syllabus I uploaded – please see #4, part b of the project charter (page 7).
She wants an outline and only answers questions based on the syllabus instructions
2) Instructions:
I uploaded an additional document “OB Process edit to E.h.”
– there, you will see a table of contents on page 1
– you need to focus on I, II, and III in the table of contents
– and relate it to syllabus instructions
– Please make the paragraphs flow from how I did the outline and make each section flow and relate to its heading
– as well, please add more in “A. Parts Base Description Overview” Professor wanted more details in the overview portion.
– Keep References as well
therefore KEEP the table of contents, but make each section for I, II, III with headings and organized and add more to the overview description, make sure each heading is correct.
– I will pay for additional pages for more information for the adding of sentences and correct formatting, etc.
– Use my basic draft and make formal formatting and add more sentences to the overview and keep it flowing. feel free to change this around if necessary