Sample Business Studies Essay on Self Expression

Self Expression

In my learning experience, I was introduced to the various self-perception skills that occur in a person’s mind. The self-perception scores illustrate the positive feeling on personal understanding and expression.   Through the emotional intelligence skills, it illustrates the self-awareness on the friends, TV programs, or my current social interactions. It helps to reveal my attitude toward avoiding interruptions or verbal and non-verbal expressions. Based on my emotional intelligence skills, am very sensitive to any verbal and non-verbal expressions. For example, in the workplace are usually ready to offer timely responses to any queries raised. It indicates my close and constant contact with other colleagues in the workplace.

The module also offers critical development of independence skills. Independence considers the aspects and things that influence my decisions in life.  Under the principles of independence skills, I was able to look into my intuition and judgments in life.  The module evaluates those effective decisions as guided by three aspects in life. These include being just, sharing personal secrets with other people, and avoiding influences by other people’s lifestyles. I consider myself an independent person, as I make decisions and still try to avoid strong conflicts with other people. Since unjust decisions affect people closer to someone.

In addition, I do not share all secrets with anybody, but trusted people in life. The people must be ready to assist any problems in my life.  Most importantly, the independence skills are developed along with the implications of influence by other people. I usually love observing other people’s lives but am unwilling to subscribe to their lifestyles. For example, when performing group work, every member expects my independent reasoning on the subject matter.  It enhances teamwork and synergy and thus, comes up with quality and diverse decisions. Therefore, the self-expression skills evaluate the independence skills significant among the workers.

In addition, self-expression expresses me the assertive skills. The assertiveness skills evaluate the sharing of opinions, experiences, and ideas with other persons.   This questions the nature of people to address problems and issues in the organizations by expressing their emotions. Personally, the assertiveness skills evaluate by focusing on expressing my feeling while consulting the ideas and opinions of other people. Assertive skills relate to the different situations in which persons are placed over time. I should be with the different situations in order to make relevant judgments and decisions. For example, my colleagues at work lend borrow me a few dollars, but delays in paying back. During the situations, I may create a negative attitude and hatred toward him. It illustrates the assertiveness skills that occur in different situations.  The module argues that is relevant to evaluate the different situations and allow for exceptions.   As a result, it provides for the relevant understanding of the assertiveness skills among individuals.

Furthermore, self-expression introduces the suspects to listening skills that enhance communication between persons. When in the workplace, I enjoy listening to the ideas and opinions of my friend and colleagues. As brought out in the development of self-expression skills, listening can break the monotonous of routine work creating an interesting workplace. The lack of effective listening skills among colleagues at work leads to boredom, a feeling of insignificance, and frustration.  Listening skills are essential in the evaluation of the development of self-expression skills.  Generally, the aspects of self and emotional expression identify the implications of openly and effectively expressing your feeling to other people.   It is noted that the development of self-expression in organizations enhances productivity.