Sample Business Studies Essay on Vision


Vision refers to the ability to think and plan for the future through simply perceiving visuals and imagination. Therefore, action needs to be taken so that a vision can take effect in any society. I would like an integrated management system in real estate, to be my world-changing initiative. An integrated management system in real estate refers to a system whereby tenants pay up all their bills to the real estate company at the end of the month inclusive of service charges (Roark & Roark, 2013). Service charges entail mainly the garbage disposal fee, electricity bills, workers fee, security, and water bills during that given month. The integrated management system will enable a client to pay all his/her monthly bills at once as presented to him by the property manager hence reducing client burden when it comes to payment of bills and accessing services.

For the integrated management system in real estate to take proper effect, a visionary leader is required to take full control of this initiative. In addition to this, the initiative should be properly presented to the public and the opinion about it well noted. During the presentation of the initiative the visionary leader should display the courage to the insecure public since to them, it may appear as a big risk.

In the integrated management system, for it to be effective property manager is required in every real estate company. Property managers should be well educated on the new initiative so they can run the real estate’s appropriately (Smith Andersen, 2014). The property manager will be faced with the responsibility to market their houses with the newly enrolled initiative. Marketing can be done through online advertisements, billboards, news media such as radios and televisions.


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