Sample Business Studies Paper on Mcdonaldization


George Ritzer examines how the American hamburger chain’s progress has affected economic arrangements and specifically the number of social life features. In his view, the impact of revolutionization shows that its layout renders an alluring reach to both customers and producers, such as competency, calculability, creditability, and control (Ritzer, 2013). This features are helpful and unalterable changes that cannot be denied: The effect of the brutalized impact of automation and the inevitable errors of quantity for quality. McDonald’s transformation influence on easily prepared processed food firms across the world has influenced several social institutions embracing McDonald’s rules that are likely to dominate various sectors of communities (Ritzer, 2013). It is likely to impact some fields such as work, diet, education, and tours.

Meaning of Mcdonaldization and Examples of Mcdonaldization.

Mcdonaldization is a theory formulated by an American social anthropology George Ritzer which means specialty in production regarding rationalization. Some examples of Mcdonaldization include all forms of restaurants, such as pizza to lobsters and alcohol to fried chicken, all of which have been dominated by chain mentality (Ritzer 2013). Others that are not fast-food include bookshops, toy reserves, and Newspapers.

Advantages of Mcdonaldization

One advantage of McDonaldization theory is that it enhances the availability of products and services regardless of time and region. The products and services are provided sufficiently for the population. However, societies can choose what they need conveniently and instantaneously. The quality of the products and services is uniform (Ritzer 2014). People can acquire products and services that they could not afford before because, for economic preferences, customized and costly services and products can get.

Discuss Efficiency, Calculability, Predictability, and Control.


It involves a managerial view on the reduction of time needed to accomplish personal activities along with that needed to complete all operations of disbursement and production


Calculability aims at the counting of products rather than examining the quality


Predictability is realized in repetitious and routine production and serviceability processes and continuous output of goods or experiences that match it.


The management uses its weapon to make sure that employees appear and operate the same every day (Fletcher & Liz, 2013). It also focuses on the use of robots and tech to displace human workers.


Meaning of Rationality and How It Relate to Ritzer’s Argument?

Rationality refers to a social deed ruled by justification, calculation, and intelligent pursuit of one’s desire. According to Ritzer, social deeds are progressively rational and geared to examine the most effective and practical ways of achieving the wanted end. For Weber, the mechanism rationality s demonstrated by the development of bureaucracy, which established the roles and policies and regulations of attaining the productive and effective social deeds methods. Ritzer’s prompt provides a counter-argument to the latest social assumptions that explain a decent era identified by the distant flow of actions such as post-bureaucratic social arrangement methods whose basis is McDonaldisation (Dustin, 2017). Ritzer’s aims at attaining the methods of social arrangements that identify with fast-food like McDonald’s, establishing hyper-rationalization of daily life. It involves rationalizing the products and services and reforming the material.

Advantages of Mcdonaldization Outweigh the Demerits? Explain.

The merits McDonaldisation outweigh the demerits incalculability. It’s efficient to view the neutral mass made to allow standardization, leading to a decrease of production activities to a certain number. Although it may not be so harmful in some fast foods such as hamburgers, the altitude diffusion may lead to the depersonalization of consumers and employees in many industries (Manley, 2011). On the dimension of predictability where all the items and services should be globally, naturally, it can negate consumers from demanding a different good than McDonald’s option.        

Summary of George Ritzer video

The sociologist explains the importance of integrating variou8s cultures into one culture, the absence of individualism, McDonaldization, and fast enticements presenting in several cultures.

Ways of Resisting Mcdonaldization.

One way of resisting is by looking for restaurants that use China’s metallic utensils and avoid using Styrofoam to minimize the environment. Secondly, whenever a medic encourages thinking of McDdoctor, stope the allurement and move to a neighboring doctor, especially one operating alone. Thirdly, avoid consistent visits to local cafes, remain home, disconnect microwaves, keep away from congealed food, and prepare food from the start. Fourthly, when making telephone calls on business, it’s necessary to select the voice mail choice to communicate to the real individual (Hyland,2017). Fifth, it’s important to live in a normal environment and especially developed by oneself. If one has to inhabit an apartment to humanize and customize it


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