Sample Business Studies Research paper Assignment on Research Proposals

The task is to produce a research proposal for a project that could be carried out in the Independent Research Project. The proposal is therefore for a researcher to undertake a project over a 16-week period. Please note you cannot use the Starbucks, Amazon, Apple or Tesla case study.
This task should be written using academic prose (with the exception of the research questions which should be clearly numbered). The research proposal should identify and justify a research project of your choice. It should be clearly grounded in relevant academic literature. 
Below is a recommended structure and an indicative suggestion for the number of words to allocate to each section. 1. Introduction (100 words). This should include:
· Field of study
· Topic/Research Object
· Unit of analysis
· Justification of project – why is it important?
· Aims and objectives 
2. Literature Review (900 words)
· Select relevant academic texts that are linked to your topic of study. These 
should include a mixture of academic books and peer-refereed academic 
journal articles
· Summarise and critique them
· You should comment on the main argument/interpretation developed and 
explain why the text is relevant to your topic
· You should identify any relevant concepts and theories relevant to the 
research project, noting why they are important 
3.  Research questions (100 words)
· Identify 3 to 5 key research questions stemming from the literature review 
4. Methodology (900 words)
· Likely method used to undertake the study, and justification of that choice
· Outline of data/sources – where will your data/source material come 
· You should include a time frame for undertaking the research, noting that 
the total project time is 16 weeks. You should include either a Gantt Chart 
or a timetable for your proposed project in the assessment 
5. Ethical implications of your study (200 words)
· Identify and comment upon any ethical implications of the study
· This should be related to the university’s ethics policy as well as the ethical 
code of the British Academy of Management
· You should consider the ethical implications for stakeholders, participants, 
for the university, and for yourself 
6. Full references list   Main Textbook to use: Cameron, S. and Price, D. (2009) Business Research Methods, A Practical Approach. Kogan Page Publishers.   The main text must be word-processed in Arial, font 12, double spacing, and minimum 2cm 
margins all around.