Sample Business Studies Research Proposal Assignment

Work: On the Draft of your Proposal – Put all the pieces together =
Introduction and thesis, research questions, literature review, methods, ethics and conclusion and an APA formatted reference list
Based on the outline created

(Outline Feedback)
5______/ 5 = Title page & Research Question –
____5____/ 10 = Summary of position with subtopics all w/ in text citations- By now there should be at least citations from two or more peer reviewed articles.
I see only the Where are citations for the Asante and Chofreh sources that you did your article reviews on?
The Park, D., Shin, K., & Tian, S. (2019). Debt and depth of recessions.
Asian Development Bank source, while potentially valuable to your research, is not an article from a peer-reviewed academic journal.
It falls under the category of “reports or gray literature”
____5______/5 = Conclusion
_4____/ 5 = Reference List – Missing URL/DOI for Park source
___19_____/ 25 = Total Possible Points

Proposal Title (14 pt font)
Author (aka, YOU!)
Choose an item. in Choose an item. with a focus in Click here to enter text.
Important Notes
• Follow the formatting provided throughout this template.
• This proposal is built off of the activity work you have been doing throughout the course.
Please be sure to include all suggested revisions for previous work. This is a great way to
up your grade.
• The final product should be between 6-8 pages in length, not including the reference
• Please remove this statement before submission.
The Main Body of the Proposal should start with the Introduction. It is a very important
section of the proposal where you concisely explain the goals of the project and set it in context
with the current field. To set the context, references to literature should be provided. The
Introduction sets the tone of the proposal and should provide the “narrative hook” that entices
your reader to continue. These three main points should be expressed to the reader:
• the Intellectual Merit of the project (Why should this research be done?)
• the Broader Community Impact (Why should anyone care about this research?)
• the Impact on Your Academic Program (How will this research help professionals grow
in the field?)
Research Question(s)
Identify your specific research question(s) here. These should be simply stated as the
questions and should not include an explanation, as that should have occurred in the
Literature Brief
Use your article reviews written for the course and write a brief (minimum 2 source)
literature review of your research topic. You must do more than copy and paste your article
reviews, link the two together and discuss their connection to the overall problem indicated in the
Introduction. This section should read like a literature review section from the scholarly articles
you have been reading. The articles that you discuss in this section must support your research
Consider your research topic and the most effective method that could be utilized to carry
out research addressing your topic. Would you use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?
Why? How would your research study be conducted? What type of instruments would you use
to collect your data? What population would you use? You must include a citation from the
Creswell reading (found in Learning Module 3) in this section.
Write a brief statement addressing what would be the ethical considerations during your
research and how you would ensure to follow ethical standards if you were to conduct your
research. Would there be any conflict of interest? What other ethical considerations would you
need to address? Utilize the Ethical Compliance Checklist on page 20 of the APA Manual as a
resource for ethical considerations regarding your research. You must include a citation in this
section from the APA Manual regarding ethics.
You are building upon or advancing the field by doing research or creation of
art/literature. As such, you need to credit the work of others that have an impact on your work.
Cite only literature utilized in your writing. For this course, somewhere between five to fifteen
references will suffice. References should be double-spaced and use proper APA formatting.
Proper citations are a necessary component to ethical conduct of research.
The reference section is not counted in the proposal page but should be no more than two