Sample Case Studies Paper on Retail Communications Mix

Retail Communications Mix

Retail communication mix entails a number of approaches and expressions of a marketing idea adopted by a given organization with the hope that the diverse population would accept it. Building a brand image for the retailer is one of the functions that the communications mix helps to achieve. Brand image is important because it easily makes the customer accepts and esteem a given product brand, something that easily translates to higher sales. Retail communication mix plays an important role as it seeks to avail important messages concerning retailers’ stores, location, and other special events that may attract customers. This case study entailed an evaluation of some of the communication activities undertaken by a chain of beauty products retail outlets. This means that the retail beauty shop has many outlets in different parts of the town.

The brand image of this beauty products shop entails freshness and cool that comes from the use of various products from this company. This image portrays a whole day freshness that does not only keep one cool but also works to maintain the body healthy. Beauty shop retailer ensures that customers are aware of the products through a number of communication elements. The different types of communication methods used are meant to help customers have a clear understanding of the retailer’s definite product in order to avoid information that brings confusion, coming from other competitors. Personal selling is one of the communication elements the retail outlet uses in building an image brand. The beauty retail shop has employees that do promotions in different parts of the town while talking to residents and everyone else about the benefits of using their products. An important thing that the retailer has noted with this method is the fact that it offers an opportunity for the representatives to engage consumers on a one-on-one basis, something that has helped the customers to make informed choices.

Sales promotions have also been adopted by the retailer in a bid to appeal to and attract customers through making offers like free gift samples and money-off coupons. Sales promotions have helped establish the retailer by many making purchases from different outlets. Direct marketing has also been part of the means of communicating information about that company’s image brand. The retailer does this through a number of ways like posting promotional materials that are meant to convince individuals, families, and a firm to consider purchasing the products. Direct advertising remains one of the oldest means of communication that the retailer has used. This is where adverts with images of the products and illustrated benefits are distributed to homes or to individuals. On the same note, the beauty products retailer also utilizes direct mailing in an attempt to establish itself among the consumers. Postal services or local agents are used to ensure that communications reach the intended audience.

Paid advertising has been the major method adopted by the retailer as evidenced by the use of different print and electronic media like television, magazines, radio, packaging, posters, brochure, and the internet. This makes use of internet-based communication elements like social media and websites. The retailer has a well-designed website that is updated with the latest news on beauty products. The website is also full of pictures of the available products has illustrations of their benefits and provides an interactive platform where consumers can answer questions regarding the products. However, it turns out that the different elements used by the retailer do not present a consistent brand image message of the retailer. This can be attributed to the fact that different communication elements are targeted towards different groups within the market. Therefore, the message within each method used is designed to suit the targeted consumers and in the end, the brand image message does not come out consistent.