Sample Case Study-Domino’s Pizza

Case Study-Domino’s Pizza

Social Media (Facebook, You Tube, Twitter)

In Domino’s Pizza case study, it is evident that the company had no choice but to make use of three major social media:  Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. A post should be created on Facebook explaining the situation at hand. For instance, the post should have information about the culprits behind this video, their true identity as well as their motive. It should equally give a clear and sincere apology to all customers. On You Tube, the company’s president should upload a video that informs his customers of his deep regret and the truth behind the circulating video. For instance, he should assure the world that the two individuals who participated in ruining the reputation of this company did not in any way represent the brand. Additionally, he should clearly explain that they do not in any way represent the more than 100,000 workers at Domino’s Pizza. On the other hand, Twitter should contain daily reassurance and apologies to customers. For example, a hash tag, such as #apologiesdominospizza or #dominospizza should be created where both customers and the company can interact freely. All customer concerns should be addressed promptly on Twitter.

Traditional Media (TV and Radio)

A press release is important during such moments of crisis. The company should buy airtime on all local TV stations to explain to customers about the identity of these two individuals, the franchise they were on, and investigation reports on whether these products reached any customers. Domino’s Pizza should include police investigation reports about the crisis both on the local newspapers. It is important for the company to comprehensibly communicate to customers their regret and express their apology.