Sample Case Study Paper on Baggers Restaurant

Baggers Restaurant

  1. The self-automated system in Baggers restaurant is its unique selling point that distinguishes it from other restaurants that it competes with in the market. The restaurant does not require the service of many waiters since the customers order their food through the touch screen electronic point of sale for the food of their choice. In other restaurants, waiters are compulsory since they are the ones who take the orders from the customers and take them to the kitchen to the chefs. In this restaurant, the customers get to order for themselves and this reduces the miscommunication between waiter and customer that results in bringing the wrong food. The self-ordering distinguishes this restaurant from its competitors and this makes its operations easy and smooth.

The delivery of food to customers is another unique selling point of this restaurant. Foods are delivered on special metallic tracks to the customers after they have placed their orders. This feature makes the restaurant unique from others because waiters are used in other restaurants in delivery of the food to the customers from the kitchen. This feature helps in minimizing the delay that happens when waiters are used in doing the task. This unique feature draws a large number of customers to the restaurant to experience the technology.

The restaurant does not need to hire many waiters like the other competitors in the market. The restaurant’s only hires stand by few waiters whose work will be assisting the customers with operating the software. This will cut down the costs of the restaurant that it would have used in paying the waiters. The restaurant’s low cost gives it a competitive advantage in the market. The company will also be producing high quality food at very low prices a situation that is not seen in the other restaurants that employ waiters. Being the first fully automated restaurant is another unique selling point of the restaurant since the automation will always be related to it even after 100 years. This differentiates it from the other restaurants that it is in competition with.

  1. Just like any other restaurant or company, Baggers restaurant has its Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that is always summarized by the abbreviation SWOT.


The service style offered by Baggers restaurant is new of its kind. The automated ways of operations where the customers will order directly for themselves and later on food delivered to them using the metallic tracks is a new style that has never been tried. This will give the restaurant an upper hand since customers will be drawn to the restaurant to experience the new technology. This is a major strength it has in the competitive market since it is offering services that have never been offered by any other restaurant.

The prices offered by the restaurant are cheaper compared to other restaurants of its caliber. This is a big strength since it attracts many customers to the restaurants because they will save money while at the same time getting good quality of food that will satisfy them fully. The restaurant saves the time of customers by reducing any delay that is experienced with waiters. This is another great strength since customers always want to save time since they have other things they have to do so they will be attracted to the restaurant due to the time saving tendencies of the restaurant.

The business exterior is always clean and appealing since there is no congestion that can be caused by waiters. This attribute will attract many customers in the market that will help the company generate a lot of revenue that will lead to the success of the restaurant.


There are few funds available for the expansion of the company. This will make the company not realize its full potential. There are many customers who will be attracted to the restaurant but are outside Nuremberg. The restaurant will not be able to capture this market due to the limited funds available for expansion. This also means customers will have to travel far distances to get to the restaurant. This is a demotivating factor to the customers who would like to go to the restaurant.

The restaurant has only been granted patents in Germany. This will motivate imitators from other countries to copy the technology that is used by the restaurant without the pioneer restaurant Baggers getting any commission. This is a major weakness since the restaurant will not reap the benefits of invention of the technology.


The restaurant has had enquiries from Germany, Europe, and other countries for franchising. This is a big opportunity for the restaurant to expand its boundaries and get a large customer base. The anticipated franchises in the opening countries will use the same technology and also the same brand name which will make the restaurant well known globally. The restaurant will also get some share of the profits from the opening countries.

The continuing technological development in the current world offers a better opportunity for the restaurant to advance its technology further than it is at the moment. The company will develop its technology with the current world demands and this will help it in enhancing and making its operation very effective without any hitches. Technological advancements will also pull customers towards the restaurant since they will have the formed mind that the technology offered by the restaurant is what they deserve and not the manual styles offered by other restaurants.


The operating costs of the restaurant will set to increase with the intended expansion of the restaurant. This will pose a threat to the books of account of the restaurant since if not well managed it can lead to the collapse of the restaurant. With a bigger customer base, then comes a huge financial burden in satisfying all of them fully. Expansion will also lead to added taxation from the government which is itself a financial burden for the restaurant and can really constrain its operations.

There are possibilities of imitations from other people in other countries. The imitators can come up with restaurants from the copied idea and even make their restaurants better than Baggers restaurant. This will result in the restaurant being forgotten by people yet it was the pioneer restaurant of its kind. This is a major threat that can really harm the existence and success of the restaurant.

  1. The fully automated concept of the restaurant have both areas that please and displease me as a potential customer for the restaurant.

The effective and time managing system of the company is one factor that makes the restaurant stand out. This is convenient to me as a customer since the restaurant will help me manage my time in an efficient way since food is delivered instantly after making the order. This is one sector that makes the restaurant stand out from the rest of the restaurants. The non-congestion in the dining area is another concept about the restaurant that really pleases me. There is space for people eating and there are no many movements that are caused by waiters bringing and taking orders from the customers.

The high quality food for low prices is another aspect of the restaurant that really pleases me. In other restaurants of the same caliber with Baggers, food is always very expensive since they offer high quality food. The lack of waiter and customer interactions is another concept of the restaurant that really pleases me as a potential customer. This is important since there are days when someone has bad moods and will avoid heated exchange that can occur when interacting with a waiter. This is one aspect that the restaurant really considers with its automated system.

The system where once you order food there is no changing your mind is one aspect that I dislike about the restaurant. Once the order is taken, that food will be delivered to you. This is bad because one can press on the wrong button and end up spending money on a certain food that they did not want or does not please them. The concept can fail in cases of failing of software or a blackout. This will cause great inconveniences to the customers since they will have to wait for longer time to be served or in case of software failing, they can be delivered with food, they never ordered.

  1. The low cost incurred by the concept is one major aspect of the concept that pleases me as a manager. This is because the restaurant does not require great manpower for its operations since it is automated. This in turn will make the management cut on costs that would have been incurred by paying the waiters. The saved money that would have been used on wage bill can be used in expansion of the company or operations of the company.

There are few workers to be watched and assessed by management. This is one aspect that I like about the restaurant since there will be less time and capital directed towards management of workers. The time and capital saved can be used in building the restaurant in many other areas. In case the machines do not function, the money used in rectifying them is very small. This will greatly help the company balance its books and this is one pleasing point to me as a manager.

The new technology that is offered by the restaurant is another concept of the restaurant that pleases me as a manager. This will attract large number of customers to the restaurant and this is because customers are always attracted with new, sophisticated things. This will be beneficial to the restaurant since revenue collected will be high.

The reliance of the automated system on electricity is one area that displeases me as a manager. This means that in case of a blackout, the restaurant will not run and also this means that there will be no revenues collected for the day. This is bad since the restaurant can run into great losses due to power losses that can be experienced at any time. The reliance on the software that is used by the restaurant is another delimiting factor because in any eventuality of the software crush, then operations in the restaurant will be halted for some time until the matter is solved. This will scare away some customers and will tarnish the reputation of the restaurant.

  1. The behaviors and habits of the consumers greatly affect operations of any company or restaurant. A mid-market restaurant can be affected by a number of consumer trends.

Attachment to the Internet

Consumers currently have grown to have affection to the internet. Most of the time, people are on the internet researching about things. Mid-market restaurants will have to market their stuff on internet is mainly the social sites like Facebook and Twitter. They will have to use this medium for the next five years in order to be effective and reach a large mass of people. They will have to take pictures of the restaurants and post them on the social sites so as to capture a very large market. They will attract a large number of people and their information will reach many people due to the long times the costumers and potential customers are in the internet.

Dislike for large data

Consumers have recently grown the attitude of resenting opportunities to give large data about a company or restaurant in form of questionnaires and personal interviews. Mid-market restaurants will have to conform to the demands of the consumers since they are the ones who have the say. In case the restaurant wants to evaluate itself, then it will have to summarize the questions that will be directed to consumers. For the next five years, this will be the trend since as time goes, the resentment of the consumers to physical long interviews also increases. The company will also have to come up with ways that the consumers like in obtaining information since people dislike being questioned about anything.

Like for fast foods

Consumers have developed a behavior where they like fast food like the French fries and chicken while disliking organic food. This will affect the mid-market restaurant because they will have to major in producing the type of food that pleases the consumers regardless of the health impacts it will have on them. When they go contrary to this then it automatically means that they will lose customers and they will run into great losses and eventually close down. For the next five years, this trend among the consumers does not seem like stopping or reducing so the kid-market restaurants will have to operate according to the trend.

  1. The Hospitality systems concepts comprehend that provision of comfort and satisfaction to the guests is the first priority to any entity providing hospitality services.

In Baggers restaurant, the product flows to the customers by use of metallic tracks from the kitchen with the help of gravity. This means that the kitchen should always be located in a floor above the dining area so that the system can work effectively. The facility is designed with the electronic point of sale where the customers will make their orders using the touch screens. After making the orders, the chefs in the kitchen will receive it and work on it then relay the food later. The design is dependent on electricity to function and the dining area is always spacious with minimal movement due to lack of waiters to serve the customers. Few waiters are employed just to assist the customers in making orders if they experience any difficulties. The menu is mainly made of Franconian food that is presented in the Franconian dialect. The system was created to enable the customers to experience different experience while they receive satisfaction for their money.


The menu of the restaurant should have varied food types that will cater for every people. The Franconian food is not pleasing to everyone so, it being the only type of food then it will scare away a large amount of customers who will feel unappreciated. The restaurant should strive to produce an assorted menu that will also include drinks and even desserts. An assorted menu attracts large number of customers to the restaurant since it will offer maximum satisfaction and comfort to the customers.

The system should be designed in a way that wrong ordered food can be rechanneled back to the kitchen using the same technology that brought them. This will minimize complaints made by customers and also it will counter the problem brought about by software crashing. The restaurant should install a generator that will enable the restaurant to function even when there is blackout. This will help the restaurant curb losses that are brought about by non-functionality due to power shortages.