Sample Case Study Paper on Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

One of the theories that are vividly discussed in this book is the theory of resistance to change in an organization. These involve the strategies that are used by management of organizations or employees of organization to resists or prevent any alterations to be implemented during the operations of a particular firm. Evidently, any changes made in any organization will have an impact, either negative or positive on the employees and directors of organizations such as Rene LaRose. According to the book, it is the nature of individuals such as LaRose to resist changes that are not favorable to them in their performance. LaRose will assume actions contrary to the adoptions that they deem unfavorable.

The resistance to change theory therefore opines that directors of organizations such as LaRose should be integrated in the formulation of policies that help prevent any resistance to change in organizations. Involvement will be important in order to realize the pertinent issues that affect the operations of the members of any organization. Involvements will therefore reduce the oppositions and resistance that would be manifested in these processes. In addition, the relationship existing between directors of organizations and firms such as LaRose’s involvement and their levels of motivation is also clearly articulated. In the event that management of the organization involves individuals in the policy formulations within the firm, great motivation will be realized. This is attributed to the feeling of appreciation among the members of an organization. As a result, the performance of the directors such as LaRose and employees will be increased and the overall efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization will increase.

Secondly, the structure of the organization is vital in influencing the actions adopted by individuals according to the book. The structure refers to the formation of various aspects of the organization like departments and other creations of the firm that are integral in its operations. LaRose as the director general of Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Toronto often sits in his office preparing strategies of making his organization successful. One of the strategies that Larose has focused on is the structure of his organization.  Additionally, actions of employees and employers such as LaRose are also affected by the available organizational structures. For example, increased departments in the organizations will demand that persons such as LaRose increase the levels of their operations so as to meet the increasing needs for labor. Certain structures will also stipulate the channels of communication to be adopted by the employees and other individuals in the organization. In most situations, the chain of command is often directed to the lower ranks from the higher ranks in any organization. This chain of command is of great essence in the organization, as it will influence most of the operations assumed by the employees. The lines of communication adopted will be in line with the organization structure and this is among the most important aspects in any organization.

The other theory discussed in this book that is believed to affect the actions of LaRose as a director general is the theory of conditions supporting organizational politics. Organizational politics have come about in the recent years as a result of change of leadership and managements of organizations and the need to try new blood in any type of leadership position of an organization. To begin with, organizational leadership has been explained in a number of researches and documentaries and how good they should be so as to ensure the success of any organization. Conversely, conditions that support organizational leadership have existed in everyday life. Therefore, as discussed in the book, the theory of conditions supporting organizational leadership explains more about the ways and means of ensuring that organizational leadership becomes perfect and adorable. The levels of output of both employees and employers such as LaRose are influenced by the conditions that support leadership in organizations. High performance will always be associated to modern and more advanced ways of organizational leadership. The type of leadership used in an organization influences the motivation or rather morale of workers. For instance, poor leadership strategies are often labor intensive in nature and therefore will affect negatively the morale of organizational directors such as LaRose as more energy is involved. Organizations will so ensure that proper good leadership strategies are put in place to achieve motivation of the employees. Motivation increases productivity and performance of the employees and this in turn leads to profitability. Proper communication channels are also related to improved organizational leadership and therefore further increment in employee performance will be achieved.

Leadership is also one of the theories discussed in the book. Several factors relating to the type of leadership in the organization will affect the actions adopted by individuals such as LaRose who are the major forces behind the operations of organizations. Leadership has often influenced how the rules and regulations that govern a firm are put into practice. Individuals will often be required to act in line with the rules stipulated in order to realize harmony in the organization. In cases where oppressive rules are enacted, individuals will resist the leadership of the day that will result into conflict. However, proper rules that encourage the welfare of employees will result into active performance of the employees.

The other theory discussed in the book is the team trust theory. Team trust remains to be one of the great determiners of success of any organization. Trust among director generals such as LaRose and their employees, has ensured the increase in production, efficiency and productivity of a number of organizations. For instance, LaRose’s Defense Research and Development Canada organization is regarded as being successful as a result of the team trust that exists in the organization. Other organizations need to copy this if they are to follow the footsteps of the company of LaRose.