Sample Case Study Paper on Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Vision and Mission

The dental health course at Georgia Southern University is a unique and valuable course that will allow me to achieve my career goals at an accelerated pace. I became interested in this program from the first year and I have grown not only academically, but in person as well.  I have focused my course primarily on dental health. I decided to specialize in dental health so that in the future I will be able to look for a potential job in a setting related to the healthcare industry. I became the class head of freshman when I joined Georgia Southern University. When I was elected to this position I learned many organizational skills and how to execute the tasks that were given to me. When my tenure as the freshman class president came to an end, I was selected as the head of orientation for incoming freshmen. I learned how to negotiate business matters in the community how to join forces with third parties for promotional purposes and to complete contracts with groups that were taking part in orientation. I have a personal goal of becoming the president of the students association before the end of my college education. I would incorporate my core values in achieving quality enlightening and training outcomes in safe and accommodating working and learning environments. As a leader, it is my responsibility to ensure a safety culture that improves the health and welfare of staff members and endeavor to decrease the number and gravity of health and safety occasions. I would strive to achieve organizational core values and strategic goals.

Personal Assessment

On my own personal assessment, I have realized I have a share of strengths and weaknesses. My strengths include good communication skills, being organized, and relationship management. My weaknesses include time management whereby I have a tendency of taking on many projects at the same time because I am fueled by the enthusiasm of completing tasks. Being capable of self-identifying your own personality is a significant part of progress and growth as a leader. Nonetheless, having your strong points and faults communicated to you in a positive manner by those who have supervised you, those people you have led, and colleagues is even more vital. Gaining a point of view from others has assisted me in obtaining a better outlook of which areas that calls for improvement. All of the assessments I have assembled, I found that they are similar to the strong and weak points I have discovered in myself. My character illustrated that I possess leadership skills and behavior as well as the plan to keep on growing as a leader.

Professional goals for the next 5-7 years

  • Graduate from Georgia Southern University.
  • Apply and attend various interviews for jobs in the healthcare industry.
  • Commence employment in the healthcare environment as a dentist.
  • Start part-time undergraduate school to earn my bachelor’s from The University of Southern California while still working in the healthcare industry.
  • Build relationships and maintain networking while working and in school to boost my likelihood of job placement.

Competency Development Plan

After my course at Georgia Southern University, I have developed a competency development plan that will be a guide to the next step in my career progress. First is laying out specifics on what I want to achieve as a dentist. This will be achieved by researching the healthcare industry and trends within them. This is a plan that will begin now and will go through even when I am employed. This plan will help me grow as a leader and eventually help me in bringing new leadership ideologies into the healthcare industry. I will also address my strong points and weak points in my plan so as to learn from my mistakes and improve on my strengths.