Sample Case Study Paper on Salmonella in the Caribbean

Different scholars and scientists have researched and written about salmonella and other
related health problems. Journals and articles have been published to explain what salmonella is,
how it is spread, prevention measures, and how it is treated. Hassan et al. (2019) provide crucial
information about salmonella. The article highlights salmonella symptoms, diagnosis and
treatment, and prevention measures. In addition, the article identifies types of salmonella, which
include Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Paratyphi. Luna et al. (2018) describe salmonella as an
infectious disease that can result in diarrhea, fever, and stomach upsets if it is not detected and
treated on time. Therefore, the articles offer important information on salmonella, which helps in
preventing and treating infectious diseases.
Both articles use critical terms such as risk factors, transmission modes, and prevention
strategies, which are useful in completing the final project. The studies indicate that eating
contaminated foods such as raw meat and seafood contribute largely to salmonella spread. The
articles also provide key ideas on how to prevent salmonella. These strategies include washing
raw foods and other vegetables before consumption. These elements are crucial in writing and
completing the final project as they provide the detailed information required.
From the articles, salmonella is an infectious and dangerous disease that affects human
beings. The illness is spread through the eating of contaminated food products such as fruits and
vegetables. In most cases, children below five years are at a high risk of contracting salmonella.
Salmonella is prevented by washing hands, washing raw consumable products, and avoiding
contact with infected animals (Hassan et al., 2019). People with severe salmonella cases are
treated using antibiotics and advised to take extra fluids as long as diarrhea lasts.



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