Sample Communication Essay on Analyzing and Writing a Press Release

Analyzing and Writing a Press Release

Apple is one of the biggest and most popular companies in the U.S. Known for its production of iPhones, iPads and iPods’. One of the reasons why Apple has been successful is the way it communicates with its customers. This paper will analyze a recent press release by Apple and look at the elements applied and how well the elements of a good press release were used. The link to the Press release is

The Press release is good as far as the headline is concerned. The headline in this press release is Apple Introduces iPad Air 2—The Thinnest, Most Powerful iPad Ever. The good thing about this headline is that it is captivating. Every Apple product consumer would be interested to know if there is a new product that is being released. The subtitle further gives the reader a little more about how the new iPad is different and what is capable of accomplishing. The sub headline indicates that the new device a system that supports Apple plays within the applications.

The Press release introduces the features of the iPad Air 2, letting the reader know about how thin the iPad is and the colors that the iPad is available in. All the features mentioned in the introduction are enough to make a reader want to get the device. In the next paragraph of the Press release, the reader is given the benefits of having the thin iPad. The benefits of the device are mentioned and how they can make the life of the user easier and better. The iPad Air 2 is easy to carry all day and the camera resolution makes it possible for the user to take high quality photos. According to Argenti (45), a good press release uses simple and clear language as much as there is use of complicated terms, the Press release is clear and simple enough to make a reader want to have the new iPad Air 2.


Press release


John Roberts finally speaks about capital punishment in Madison tomorrow night.

MADISON, Wisconsin- NOVEMBER, 3, 2014- Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will be making a major speech about capital punishment at the annual convention of the American Bar Association tomorrow night at the Kohl Center.

Capital punishment has been a point of discussion in Wisconsin with some of the state members being against capital punishment. Some of the public that have lost their loved ones through crime do not support capital punishment. After steadfastly avoiding the topic ever since he became the 17th Chief Justice after taking replacing the late William Rehnquist in 2005, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will make a major speech on capital punishment. The speech will be important to the members of the state of Wisconsin with a section of the public calling for the implementation and some against capital punishment. “Capital punishment has been an issue of consideration for a long time in this state and there is need to settle the issue.’ Chief Justice Roberts said. The Chief Justice will also meet the vice chancellor of the university and address the university law classes while he is in Madison. Chief Justice John Roberts is a former attorney.

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