Sample Communication Essay on Ethos in the Advertisement

Old Spice Advertisement; “The Man Your Man Could Smell


            When an organization creates a business, its principle target is to place the product in the market, attract more customers and expand its market base. Businesses use many and different systems to attract the crowd by persuading to look at the item and hence purchase it. One of the methods that businesses have used to attract customers and build their business niche is through advertisements. As indicated by a study done at the Obafemi Awolowo College in Nigeria, promoting is, “a limited time method intended to energize buy, and conceivably rebuy, through brand steadfastness” (Coleman, 2008). Old Spice, a significant organization for men’s hygienic items, has a line of men’s body wash that has an exceptionally engaging and entertaining promoting battle. These promotions are planned not just to get their item perceived in the commercial center, but to shroud different lines of men’s body wash. This paper will conduct a rhetoric analysis of the advertisement, and hence it will evaluate the applications of the means of persuasion portrayed in the advert. The means of persuasion to be discussed are ethos, pathos and logos.

Ethos in the advertisement

Ethos refers to the means through which the author uses their ethical appeals to convince the audience. The convincing power in this case often revolves around the characters of the author. In the advertisement, it is evident that in the general public, a successful method for offering and placing an item composed for men is to advance it to the ladies. As indicated by the site Sheconomy, ladies represent 85% of all shopper. Women have great feelings on advertisements that showcase men’s items on the plug, and they will be more adept to either purchase the item themselves or influence the men they know to purchase it. The idea represented in this case is that the author uses their characters to identify the fact that women tend to shop more regularly than men. Thus, it is an ethical issue to believe the fact that women have a hand towards men’s shopping activities.

In Old Spice’s present commercial battle, there is the arrangement of business utilizing distinctive performers and games stars that are extremely fit and great looking to highlight their body wash. Two particular advertisement sports use ex NFL wide recipient Isaiah Mustafa and both advertisements show components of manliness, sex request, and funniness. In one advertisement, Mustafa is leaving a shower clad just in a towel, saying in a profound voice, “Hello, women” (Coleman, 2008). Afterward he keeps on talking specifically to ladies’ viewers. This makes them to look at him again but keenly. He then directs them to look at the man sitting beside them for the inferred examination in which no typical man would turn out extremely well. He then says that the man sitting alongside them is “shockingly not me”.

The business then proceeds with quickly moving scenes that show Mustafa in sentimental dream like settings intended to speak to ladies – he is shirtless on a sail watercraft at nightfall, then holding tickets to “that thing you cherish”. The tickets at that point transform into precious stones. The commercial closures with Mustafa sitting shirtless on a white stallion on a tropical shoreline. In the second commercial, Mustafa again comes out in a towel, this time on a  shoreline. The advertisement then shows him moving towards a mountain lake, and settles to prepare a cake in a kitchen he built. He is shirtless while constructing the kitchen, thus his bare hands are exposed to the viewers. Lastly, he is shown winding up shirtless, in pants and boots on a cruiser. Therefore, the ethics presented in the advertisement is enough evidence that it has a persuading power towards its audience.


Pathos refers to the means of persuading the audience by engaging them in their own emotions. The convincing power seems to be observable in the context of the types of audiences used. The message in the advertisement is meant for men and ladies despite the images on it being of men. In other words, the author has opted to direct the advert to the men and women at the same time. This instance has a general impact of changing the emotions of the audience. Furthermore, these promotions display a perfect picture of how a man ought to be and the smell he needs to wear. By utilizing a gorgeous fit man for this commercial, it gives the item a picture that men need, and hence persuades them to purchase the advertised product. The Old Spice Guy is immaculate, clearly (Gunter, 2002). Zero muscle to fat quotients, the extraordinary capacity to typify manly goals, and a baritone lifeless conveyance that right away unleashes marvelous into the world. it is clear that there is no shrouded message.

The advertisements practically yell out the thought that on the off chance that you utilize this item you can look, smell, and be precisely like the man you see on your TV set. The Old Spice man, Mustafa, improves everything that one does and will make ladies to have high expectations of how they should look. One can possess a scent reminiscent of “a definitive man”, or as the trademark utilized as a part of the advertisements says, “Smell like a man, man”. The businesses are sincere to men by informing them that they currently are not the man their woman is expecting them to be, yet by using Old Spice, they can possess a scent reminiscent of product being advertised and possibly be their ideal man (Gunter, 2002). As such, they advance a perfect of what the ideal man ought to be. The promotions make a man respond sincerely and request straightforwardly to his manliness, vanity, and even his insecurity in having the capacity to awe, draw in, and keep ladies. Therefore, it is so evident that the intent of the advert is to appeal both to ladies and men. Its appeal to ladies makes them to convince men in their circles to buy the advertised product and hence smell and look good.


Logos usually involve the use of reasoning capabilities by the author and the audience. For this reason, the author integrates the requirements of all the three persuasion techniques to reach a logical ideology in the advert. Notwithstanding speaking to the tastes and a man’s passionate need to possess a scent reminiscent of a masculine man. Therefore, what is more attractive to a lady may make the logical aspect in the advert to be observable. A sexually themed business can engage both men and ladies, and is certain to pull in consideration. “From a promoting point of view, sexual request may be worthwhile for the straightforward reason that they prey on fundamental organic senses and therefore, a staggering motivation element, which is a desire capable ascribe to break through all the disorder”.

Due to the sexual nature of the advertisements and the audience, it is prudent that the adverts are aimed at presenting the logic behind the usage of the products by women. It is these logics that make the individuals, both men and ladies, stop what they are doing and watch the advert. The sexual substance that the advertisements further accomplish is getting individuals’ consideration. It additionally helps them keep in mind the promotions. Therefore, the Old Spice advertisements are fruitful on the grounds that they make an impact on individuals, and ignite discussions among the viewers. The promoters should be careful with the use of sex claim in the advertisement. It is evident that sexual substances are overcompensated in the advertisement. Promoters understand that, “advertisements that cause offense may be negative to the allure of their items. Thus, there is the need to present the logical aspects of the advertisement.

In summary, the use of the three means of persuasion in the advertisements makes it possible to persuade the audience to have a taste of the products. Through the ethical presentation of the ideas and usage of the products, users are in a better position to determine the ethics behind the consumption of the products. Thus, the use of ethos, pathos and logos extensively makes the advertisements persuasive.


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