Sample Communication Essay on Semester Reflection

Semester Reflection

I employed various strategies this semester to help me utilize the opportunity I have in college. My performance in the previous semesters was not satisfactory and at the beginning of this semester, I decided to employ new and effective strategies to ensure positive outcomes. Learning this semester so far has been a great experience in a number of ways. From the various courses works, I have been taking to extra-curricula activities, this semester has been beneficial in building my character and my future career in different ways. Communications as a discipline have particularly helped me improve my writing skills, reading skills, research skills, and reasoning capabilities among others.

I had a resolution at the beginning of the semester to attend all my lectures and complete all the assignments on time. In my efforts to fulfill the resolution, I came to learn that time management is essential for success in any course or field of study. Most of my lectures started very early in the morning, which meant that I had to wake up early enough to prepare for the lectures. During the day, I had a personal schedule enabling me to know when to have personal studies, do assignments, and time for other extracurricular activities. As this semester ends, I believe my academic performance has improved significantly compared to other previous semesters, which can be attributed to my time management strategy for the semester.

The communication course has significantly improved my writing, communication, and research skills. The assignments I have done so far in this class have challenged me in various ways. While doing the assignments, I learned how to extract relevant information from various sources including the use of credible internet sources. I have learned how to use internet search engines efficiently to extract the required information with a limited time. The class lessons from the lectures have also improved my writing skills greatly. The first written assignment I completed had numerous mistakes, such as grammatical errors, poor expression of points, and improper use of citation techniques. My writing skills have greatly improved and I can now express myself in writing. In addition, I have a full understanding of what academic writing really entails.

Learning this semester also enabled me to identify the best learning mode or strategy that suits me best. I came to realize that having a lecturer in class is the best mode of learning that suits me perfectly. Through this mode of learning, I have been able to seek clarity from the lecturers on points that I do not clearly understand right during the lessons. My communication skills with the lecturers and fellow students have also improved greatly through this semester, which is attributed to the course works. Besides academics, my engagement in various activities in college improved greatly this semester. I managed to join three different clubs in college this semester among them being the soccer club. We meet every Friday night to practice and play against other teams and there are great life lessons I have learned from this extracurricular activity. Playing soccer with my fellow teammates has so far taught me discipline, and more so, the importance of working together as a team towards achieving a particular goal. These lessons have had positive impacts on my class performance in the courses I have been taking this semester.