Sample Communication Paper on Job Search Narrative

Job Search Narrative

I major in Finance, which I believe has quite a number of job opportunities, including roles as financial managers, financial planners, and careers in corporate finance, real estate, and commercial banking. However, I am most interested in taking a career as a financial manager since it has always been my dream career. As a finance manager, I will engage in several activities for my employer, including interpreting financial data, formulating long-term strategic plans, developing mechanisms towards minimizing financial risks, and providing financial reports. Financial institutions such as Barclays Bank offer this career opportunity. As a banking institution, Barclays needs a financial manager to provide any required financial advice and participate in directing investment activities, among other functions. In applying for the post of a financial manager in most financial institutions, there are requirements for at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or any other relevant in the business field, although some financial managers may be required to hold masters degrees or relevant professional papers. However, Barclays Bank wants a master’s degree and a five-year working experience in the field. Submitting an application for any Barclays’ opportunity is over the online platform using the e-recruitment system. The system allows applicants to create an account, on which they are able to do an online assessment by filling in an assessment form. After filling the online assessment form, it is submitted together with other credentials. The career services center was so important in assisting me to a settle for a future career as a financial manager through its career guide bookl