Sample Communication Paper on STA Travel

STA Travel

STA Travel is one of the largest travel companies that have the unique needs of young people and students in its mind. The STA Travel company headquarters are located in Zurich and in London. The company has branches and franchises worldwide to help it achieve its short and long term goals in making travel easy. The company has over 1,900 employees in over 11 different countries and over 205 branches all over the world.

The need for travel insurance cannot be ignored especially for young people and students who love travelling to different destinations in the world. STA Travel has been in the travel industry for long, and has used customer satisfaction feedback queries and requests to develop a travel insurance package for clients. The new STA Travel package has various benefits:

Individuals that have a preexisting medical condition do not have to worry about getting a cover. Unlike most travel insurance agencies, STA travel is genuinely concerned and understands that pre existing conditions should not be a sentence to not enjoy daily activities that other people cannot enjoy.

The new STA Travel insurance package has a single trip coverage that lasts 182 days. This is the best and longest coverage duration that is available in the industry. There is also a multi trip coverage option which is especially suitable for individuals that travel frequently. (Limited to individuals under the age of 60 years old).

The STA Travel insurance package offers individuals unlimited coverage for health conditions and financial limits that even governments put limits on.

The STA Travel package offers cover for situations such as cancellations or non refundable fees that individuals might have incurred as part of their travel plan. This option also covers any costs as a result of delays and interruptions that might result.

The STA Travel new insurance package also covers costs related to baggage loss and the loss of important documents that might be lost in the course of travelling when subscribed to the insurance premium.

Unfortunately, travelling to a foreign location can be scary especially when the language spoken in the location is new. The situation would get even more complicated if one was to fall ill and they were unaware of where they could get a hospital or a specialist who could assist them. The travel insurance package also allows users to have unlimited multilingual medical assistance on where the individual can get the necessary medical cover.

In the unfortunate case that one might get an accident when travelling, one’s medical cover is taken care of, and in the unfortunate occurrence of demise of a traveler the STA travel insurance cover ensures that all the related expenses are taken care of.

We urge all young clients and students to use STA Travel as their preferred travel insurance plan for stress free travelling with full time coverage. You will not regret it!

There are so many eventualities that can occur after one has made travel plans to their destinations. One can fall sick just before they travel and lose their travel booking, a trip that had been planned for can be cancelled or it can be interrupted. Nowadays, many people also complain of losing their baggage, or having it delayed as they are tossed back and forth between different airline departments. One can also fall sick in a foreign destination where the medical cover is expensive and requires lengthy processes so as to be attended to. STA Travel has a travel insurance package that covers all these possibilities and allows young individuals and students to go on with their original tour plans without being inconvenienced. All queries and concerns that STA Travel clients might have are handled by experienced and professional customer care staff that are always ready to assist our clients and ensure that they get the best value for their money.

STA travel has a wide online presence with a 24 chat service, facebook and twitter accounts for different locations such as STA Travel USA, STA Travel UK and STA Travel Australia. Individuals should feel free to follow the company’s twitter pages to get a quote and free information about different locations that one would want to travel to. One can also ask questions on the company’s website, facebook and twitter pages, and they would get all the information that they require about the travel insurance package that has been launched. Clients can also request for an email with a quote on the new STA Travel insurance cover and request other information that they might need. Individuals can also call and book an appointment to come and visit the STA Travel office personally and get a free quote depending on the travel package that they would want.

Clients from the different locations can get advice on the best and most pocket friendly accommodations spots, hangout locations and best flights to use. STA Travel has been in the market for long, and it has used that time to gather accurate and reliable information about different locations that would best suit its clients without compromising on the quality offered. STA travel has also partnered with key stakeholders in the travel industry and has been involved in the exhibition of the convenient services that are made available to clients by the different industry players.

All return clients get a discount, and clients that refer other clients to STA Travel also get a discount. The CEO recently talked about the launching of a STA Travel loyalty program that will earn individuals free flights, hotel accommodations at five star hotels, and there will be an annual grand draw whereby loyal clients can win a dream car, house or a scholarship. STA Travel is dedicated to making not just travel convenient, but the lives of clients easier and happier.

Persuasive techniques used

The essay contains information about all the advantages that the clients would get from using the STA Travel insurance. The essay has used imagery t try and get the young and student travelers to see what a great advantage they would get from using the STA travel insurance package. The essay has also used repetition of the words “STA Travel” to ensure that it sticks to the mind of the readers and they can go and get further information about the company such as liking the social media pages of the company where they will get even further interactive details that has attractive images. Phrases that would be considered forceful in nature such as “urge” have been used to persuade the client to critically think about the beneficial package offers that he/ she would get if they were to use the services of the STA Travel insurance package.