Sample Communication Presentation on Down Time

Down Time

The modern world demands a busy lifestyle from everyone. People run up and down trying to beat deadlines and trying to achieve targets. At dusk, everyone needs to set apart some time to rest and unwind. These are termed “downtime” moments. It is the time when we take a break from everything stressful and engage in activities that promote relaxation.

During the downtime, many people avoid cooking meals and prefer buying ready meals from restaurants and fast food places. Many people would rather queue in restaurants waiting for their orders to be prepared rather than preparing a delicious meal in their houses that is helpful in relaxation. The modern world has cultured us to think that is it more relaxing to order a ready meal than to prepare the meal of your choice while relaxing.

Moreover, many people choose to watch television programs during their downtime. Some choose to watch the news featuring current events worldwide. It is said that most news broadcasts give less time to global disasters and dedicate most of the news time to featuring celebrity scandals. Thus, people become slowly cultured to appreciate celebrity lives more than humanitarian issues.

With time, people find themselves switching channels from news to watching a series or a movie. Thus, even though one is relaxing, they find themselves always on the move by watching action dramas that never let the mind relax. Hence, in the modern world, we are cultured to desire constant motion even when we are taking time off to relax. It has become part of our routine, and we never realize that watching drama motions on television, never allows us to relax, rest and unwind.