Sample Research Paper on Communication Technology

Technology influences many sectors in society. New trends in the community arise due to
innovations. The Communication sector has also been affected by the growth in technology.
New means of conveying messages have been developed, such as social media. The change in
communication technology has affected many sectors, including; academics, various professions,
social interactions, and people's personal life.
Academic Setting
Communication technology has had a significant impact on the education sector. In my
day-to-day learning, I find myself using communication technology. Learning institutions have
in the recent past embraced communication technology as their strategy of educating their
students. The technology has enabled virtual learning through video conferencing and accessing
learning materials from online sources (Ratheeswari, 2018). The main rule followed while using
communication technology in education is acknowledging the origin of the online learning
materials to adhere to the set copyrights. Decency and attentiveness are other rules followed
while applying the technology in the sector.
Communication technology is distracting the education sector. It has led to the over-
dependence of the learners on the online sources of information, thus neglecting physical
libraries. Through online publications, the technology has encouraged the spread of false or
unverified information, which misleads learners (Alhumaid, 2019). The many benefits of
technology in the education sector make me prefer technology over old media for conveying
academic content.
Professional Setting

Within my work environment, I use communication technology daily as a means of
operation. The technology is often used in work settings, including; holding work meetings
through video conferencing and conveying important work notices through an online memo.
In professional communication technology, there is a rule of official communication.
Every communication passed should be official. There is a desire for good communication for
the proper working of the organization (McLean, 2018). Communication technology has caused
various distractions in the professional sector. The distractions range from encouraging laziness
among workers caused by over-relying on online communication, thus no need for physical
appearance. Though the technology causes some distractions, I would prefer using this
technology as a means of communication in the workstation.
Civil Setting
I use communication technology daily while interacting with friends on social
networking platforms. The main rule of practice while applying communication technology in
the social sector is respecting other people's privacy. The social networking channels created
through this technology have encouraged social cohesion, among other benefits, but it has caused
significant societal distractions. Some members of society suffer from cyberbullying from these
social networking platforms, which causes low self-esteem in the victim (Akram et al., 2017). As
a means of social interaction, I would not prefer communication technology in the civil setting
due to its negative impact on society.
Private Setting
I use communication technology in my private life daily to express my thoughts and
feelings to others. Through online messaging platforms, we can convey our messages to others.

The main rule in this sector is adherence to the set standards of communication by avoiding
spread of hate or abusive languages and respect to the reciepient party during communication.
Technology has dramatically distracted my private life. The technology distracts individuals'
privacy by allowing others to access personal data from their social networking platforms
(Akram et al.,2017). Compared to the old media to convey messages, I prefer technology due to
its efficiency and speed in relaying messages
The readings this week have greatly impacted my view on the communication technology
application. Though technology causes many distractions in various social, professional and
private sectors, I learnt that it has many positive implications in day-to-day life. I have resolved
to use the technology as a form of a social and professional assistant tool rather than using it as a
means of passing the time.



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