Sample Composition Paper on Support Resources for Writing

Support Resources for Writing

Writing skills are very important right from childhood into old age or even until demise. Good writing skills are founded on academic knowledge acquired through school. Writing requires an excellent command of a dialect and the ability to express oneself through drafting a piece of a script. Many people seek ways through which they can perfect their writing skills and become excellent authors of relevant information contributable to the existing body of knowledge. Various resources can be used to improve our writing skills. Constant writing practice and research enhance our capacity to write. Modern writing demands a precise writing technique. Various resource manuals exist in online libraries, online applications, and online writing laboratories to assist in the writing process. There are various writing styles and formats recommended for the professional writing of an academic paper. These formats include APA style, MLA style, and CHICAGO style among many others. As a student, I have found the use of Rasmussen quite helpful. This online student portal contains various helpful materials in a variety of subjects. It is also a useful resource in formatting an academic paper. The use of CINHAI and EBSCO has also offered me substantive help as sources of relevant books I use to acquire my literature review when writing. In addition, I also appreciate the use of plagiarism detection software found in online resources because they enhance the originality of the ideas I put across in my papers. In conclusion, with all these online resources and the help from my tutors, I believe my writing skills are bound to appreciate over time. I envision a period in my life that will be a professional writer.