Sample Computer Science Essay on Glover


Social media and company email are not private. The employer owns the email account of the company but this does not necessarily mean that he/she is the only one to access it. This is because the company is made up of both the employer and the employees, who are under the employer, any information about the company is posted in the email and employees are expected to access the account any time they need as far as they want to access information that is crucial in their work. However, the email account is private in the sense that all the employees and the employer are the parties to access some confidential information in the account (Turban, Volonino & Wood, 2013). Anyone else who wants to communicate with the management of the company does not any authorization to log in into the email account.

The Federal Commission acknowledges that those companies that research how people use their [personal time violate their privacy. This is true because no one has a right to investigate anyone on their personal lives except the government but under certain conditions especially on crime but some notification is given to the persons being investigated. Some responsibility lies to employers to know the type of employees they hire because if an employee becomes a threat to other employees, the employer is held accountable.

On the other hand, the social media is not private since it is a public billboard where millions of people have the right to access and air their views (Turban, Volonino & Wood, 2013). If anyone considered some of his /her information confidential and private, then no need of posting it on the social media because it is a site that all people express their affiliations and thoughts. Instead, a journal would work best in this case because only the individual will be able to access it. To reduce the risk of the responsibility that heavily lies on an employer, regarding his employees, he /she may decide to use the social media as well as email to monitor employees as the trends are common.


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