Sample Computer Science Paper on Designing Learning Environments

My career goal is to become a computer programmer. I am aspiring to join Rutgers Education
and pursue the course of designing learning environments. Rutgers Education offers a course of
developing learning environments. At Rutgers Education, I will be able to employ the job
characteristic model efficiently with the aid of computer technology to improve the motivation of
teachers and students as well.
My career plan involves specializing in designing learning environments. Rutgers Education
gives the best opportunity to learn how to improve learning environments. Besides, Rutgers
Education offers a learning environment for future tutors. I will be able to interact with
prospective tutors and understand the challenges that they experience in the classroom. This will
also inform the approach I will take in designing computer programs to help students to
comprehend concepts in class. The experience
Learning environments have shifted and changed radically over the last three decades. School
children in Western countries have benefitted from the integration of technology in the
classroom. However, developing countries have lagged in implementing new technologies in
aiding students in grasping mathematics and science.
Education at Rutgers will also enable me to learn the Job characteristics model which is essential
in improving the learning environment for teachers. The job characteristics model studies the

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elements that contribute to job satisfaction. I will be able to use my knowledge in designing
learning environments o improve the learning the experience of teachers in classrooms. Brought
forward by J Richard and Greg Oldham, the model describes the relationship that exists between
job attributes and individual reactions to tasks. This model affirms that the task condition
determines teachers’ level of prosperity at work. Getting an opportunity to study at Rutgers
Education will help me to frame the job characteristics model to benefit the students especially in
developing countries.

One of the ways of improving learning environments is focusing on the experience of the
teacher as a teacher and the corresponding results achieved by the students. Through computer
programming, the learning environment can be exciting for both the student and the teacher.
According to the job characteristic model, a dull and monotonous job reduces teacher motivation
to produce optimum results. Teaching is considered a tedious task because it involves repetition
of concepts until the students understand. I plan to use my computer programming to improve
the working environment for teachers to enhance their ability to deliver. Changing the
monotonous environment will also help to reduce boredom among students. The use of artificial
intelligence and augmented reality in the classroom will improve the manner in which students
learn across the world
It is also important to insist that the primary motivation for seeking to join Rutgers Education is
to develop the method by which teachers deliver content to students with the aid of technology.
An exciting and challenging job, on the other hand, heightens teacher motivation. A manager can
use this model to enlarge and enrich a subordinate`s job by incorporating variety and challenge.
Including activities that utilize a teacher`s strengths, job rotation and improving the task are ways

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that include variety as well as a problem. An interesting thing about the model is its strong
influence when task creators attempt to create jobs that have increased motivational elements.
Rutgers Education has a variety of courses in educational leadership. Part of transforming the
learning environment is to ensure that teachers are properly motivated. The model has a couple
of pros. First, it allows for task customization. Here, the management can design tasks according
to strengths of the doer. This action leads to excellent results as teachers and students thrive
when they operate in their areas of authority. It also encourages task identity. The teacher easily
identifies with the task he did by linking the results directly to the task. As a result, he becomes
highly motivated. Involving mobile applications and augmented reality in teaching sciences will
ensure that the student gets the best content possible and the teacher is motivated enough to
deliver it.

My interest in the Job characteristics model as a path to transforming the education landscape
through computer programming is not without cons. The assumption that teacher motivation
varies according to the task itself is simplistic. There are many other factors unrelated to the task
that determine teacher motivation. Some of these factors include personality characteristics, the
health of the teacher, and training among others. In the classroom, the model can contribute to
excellent results if used correctly. The management can incorporate rewards for tasks well done,
increase task significance and identity, variety and autonomy. My education and training at
Rutgers Education will focus on needs for researching the correlation between personal
responsibility and toxic work environments. My training at Rutgers Education will enable me to
incorporate personality traits and personal obligations as metrics for measuring success in

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The applications for computer programming are endless in the field of education. Even in the
developed world, schools have been slow in adopting technology in classrooms. Technology
should be used as a tool for innovation in schools. Students and professors should be able to
contribute to computer programming and software development because it is still a relatively
new field. With proper design of learning environments, students can get the best experience for
the modern-day job market.