Sample Computer Science Paper on Internet Security

Internet Security

Internet security is becoming more vital to individual computer users, companies, and the armed forces. With the introduction of the internet, security becomes a key concern while the security history facilitates to have better understanding as far as emergence of internet security technology is concerned. The configuration of network has allowed numerous security risks to occur. However, the internet architecture, when customized can lessen the likely attacks that may be sent over the internet. In this case, knowing the methods of attack allows better safety measures to emerge. Various businesses safeguard themselves from the network risks through encryption as well as firewall mechanisms. The company builds a local internet to remain linked to the network, but protected from potential threat. Therefore, as the globe is becoming greatly interconnected with new internet technologies, the number of individuals, businesses, government, and military information on internet infrastructures is increasing. On the other hand, internet safety has become a great significant due to the educational materials, which may be easily obtained through the internet (Rhee 3).

Internet security is vital to applications and networks even though security of network is a vital requirement in developing networks. However, there is a considerable lack of safety methods, which may be easily put into practice. When considering internet security, it should emphasize that the entire internet is secure. Internet safety does not just concern the safety of the users at each terminal of a communication chain. Thus, when transmitting information, the channel of communication must not be susceptible to threat. An effective security of internet is created within the knowledge of possible attackers, security issues, level of safety needed, and the factors that cause an internet to be vulnerable to threat. The kinds of threats through the network should also be known to identify and safeguard against them (Einar 10).


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