Sample Course work Paper on Stigma of Drug Addiction

Stigma of Drug Addiction

In the article, Development and Psychometric Evaluation of Scales that Assess Stigma Associated With Illicit Drug Users: Substance Use & Misuse, stigma and stigmatization is associated with substance abuse and the community perception (Palamar, Kiang, & Halkitis, 2011). The article highlights the various factors that are related to stigma and stigmatization of the drug user. From the extract, one place where the argument was effectively portrayed is the second stigma concept, that of the perceived public stigma. We find it logical and factual to explain the stigma of drug addiction from the public perception. It is true that individual will discriminate and stereotype a particular group based on their traits and behavior. In the case of substance abuse, the public or the nonusers are likely to label the user public enemies or public nuisance since they devalue the set morals and standards of the society. The behavior of a given group can be stereotyped because of the sharing of similar behaviors and amenities. This being the case, the article brings out clearly why drug users are viewed in a negative way by the community. It has also been explained well the fact that the level of stigmatization influences the level of tolerance and acceptability.

Despite our acceptance of the article, we thought that the article could have tackled other contributing factors other than religion. This is because despite the fact that religion plays a key role in shaping the social morals, it is obvious that religion does not and cannot tolerate any form of drug abuse. We therefore thought that other factors including peer group and social status and employment levels could have been used. This was in our view a contributing factor to drug use as well as stigmatization. At the same time, the respondent could have been asked to name the drug used so that an analysis of drug usage could be done.


Palamar, J. J., Kiang, M. V., & Halkitis, P. N. (2011). Development and Psychometric Evaluation of Scales that Assess Stigma Associated With Illicit Drug Users. Substance Use & Misuse46(12), 1457-1467. doi:10.3109/10826084.2011.596606