Sample Coursework Paper on Competencies Statement

Competencies Statement

I am currently working at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent in Sri Lanka as a program manager/ education coordinator. This is a position I have reached after having worked here for a while and progressively risen in ranks. My role as the program manager includes supervising program assistants, volunteers, and direct-care staff. I am also in charge of developing and maintaining alliances with state and county agencies and children-youth service programs.

Competency 1

I am capable of displaying ethical behavior when working with people of different social groups. While working at Coram Children Outreach in the United Kingdom, I was able to take part in the provision of individual residential care base support for vulnerable children and adults. This I did by supporting them with their individual needs, logistics and took part in planning daily activities in terms of health and safety. When I was a technical advisor for Education and Child Development in the Department of Education in Sri Lanka, I took part in providing guidance and direction to assigned education sector staff. I evaluated their performances and secured training opportunities and resources for staff development. This I accomplished by conducting workshops, training, and monitoring progress. This I ensured by maintaining professional development and growth. I collaborated closely with interdisciplinary team members on the development of appropriate plans to match the identified needs.

Competency 2

I am able to demonstrate adequate skills in communication. When I was an early childhood and development specialist with Plan International in Sri Lanka, I was able to set off pilot programs. This was due to my successful collaborations and liaison with institutions such as Provincial, District and Divisional Government Child Development Authorities, Children’s Secretarial Office, National Institute of Education, National Education Research Evaluation Centre, Universities, and external Organizations. I was also able to oversee successful liaisons with local governments, NGOs, and UN organizations together with many other donors when I was a finance and administration officer at Japan Emergency NGOs in Sri Lanka.

Competency 3

During my time as the program manager, I have managed to demonstrate outstanding program management and dedication to beneficiaries including school-going children parents, and teachers. I have worked with a total of 28 high and secondary schools in the region. I achieved a record of 216% enrollment in Junior Red Cross memberships among clients. During this time, I have performed record-keeping and internal reporting tasks in a timely and objective manner.

Competency 4

I am quite good at ensuring that set targets are met. This is why I have been able to successfully hold managerial and supervisory positions at most of the institutions I have worked for. At Plan International in Sri Lanka, I was able to successfully supervise the work that took place within the Centre Based and Home-Based Early Childhood Care Services. I also managed and supervised teams of project staff, volunteers and monitored the performances of early years’ educators in three different districts. I also demonstrated my skills in supervision when at Japan Emergency where I managed administrative and internal matters within the organization and monitored county-level finance, administration, and budgetary aspects.

I have successfully managed to put into good use other skills that I possess that were acquired educationally. For instance, when at the Department of education, I managed to successfully design curricula that were adopted for higher diploma programs. I also managed to develop grant proposals for funds that were to be used for the improvement of standards of ECCD facilities and special education needs. Through this, we were able to procure funds from Plan International, JICA, and Norway Lilisand.