Sample Coursework Paper on Qualitative


A grounded theory is a research method that helps an individual to provide an explanation of the key issues of the population of a given area and how that issue can be solved. It is a general research method on how one can collect information and how they can carry out data analysis.

Phenomenological research designs aim at recognizing the essence of some phenomenon. This can be attained through rigorous personal interviews. A phenomenological research problem centers on the significance of interaction, episode, or an event (Bound, 2014, p.1). The participants are chosen because they are informed about the experiences being investigated. The interviewed participants are usually between 5 and 25. Data is usually collected through semi-structured, in-depth, or personal interviews. Interviews are usually conducted for long sessions with every participant. There is tape recording of interviews for analysis purposes.

Ethnography refers to the study of interactive plans in the life of human beings, individuals, and groups that restructure their shared beliefs, actions, and feelings (, 2014, p.1). Ethnography requires one to take some time in interviewing, recording, or observing processes as they happen naturally in a specific place.

Case studies are usually involved in qualitative design options because they are intensive and analyses a single phenomenon (, 2014, p.1). A case study research method tries to find out a contemporary issue within the context of real life. A qualitative central research question is a question that an individual can investigate in a study. These questions enable participants to provide their views. Qualitative research questions are explanatory and therefore require explanations while quantitative research questions usually involve numerical data that can be changed and used in statistics (Wyse 2011, p. 1).


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