Sample Criminal Justice Essay on Victimization Paradox

Victimization paradox

Victimization is normally a complex emotional process which impacts behaviour and perceptions in both direct and indirect ways. Victimization paradox is whereby women have higher terrorism fear as compared to men. This paradox is revealed by the inequality between the lower possibilities for women becoming victims and the much fear they show of becoming one. Overwhelmingly, studies shows that gender differences amongst the overall community as well as amongst college students, men are usually more liable to be victimized by terrorism as compared to women. However, women are much fearful of felony than men. This notion is particularly fascinating due to the fact that crime is significantly diverse than other offenses regarding its unbiased nature. In this case, for its main purpose, nature as well as aim, crime does not aim at a particular sector of a population. However, it tries to instil chaos and fear far away from its direct victims and amongst wider community. This allows conception of the certainty to which both male and female are equivalently vulnerable.

The impacts of victimization paradox can involve monetary loss, damaging of possessions and emotional effects. Alternatively, the impacts can be shaped by several variables such as age, sexual category of the victim, prior record of victimization of the victim, overall crime perceptions, and the type as well as crime severity experienced. For instance, research shows that property crime victims are not traumatized as much as those of violent terrorism, though they also experience high levels of depression, aggression, fear and have problems to get a sleep which can last for a prolonged time. Study shows that women have reported higher levels of victimization due to being a crime victim in relation to men.