Sample Cultural and Ethnic Study Essay on Mental Health

Mental Health


Mental health is a serious issue in America. A large portion of the American population has mental issues and needs immediate psychiatric help. According to the videos, regarding mental health by CBS, the mental health of Americans is well below average and requires immediate attention. Most Americans need access to psychiatrists and yet only a few psychiatrists are available in the country therefore most patients with mental illness are admitted to Emergency rooms. The American government has failed in its job to protect the mental health of Americans and has resorted to incarcerating those suffering from mental illnesses.

Since the 1960’s there has been a significant reduction in the number of psychiatry facilities due to the government’s policy of de-institutionalization. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center, a Washington-based public health institution, the number of mentally ill in the American prison system is three times more than those in hospitals (Hirschkorn & Mitchell, 2011). This shows a very worrying trend of the government being more interested in arresting those with mental issues than providing them with the necessary medical attention they need. Arrested persons suffering from mental illnesses should not be dumped into jails but should rather be committed to psychiatric facilities for care until their full recuperation.

No American would like to be treated in such a degrading manner. Every sick American needs proper and subsidized medical care. The government should ensure that the mentally ill are not arrested and dumped into jails but are rather committed to psychiatry hospitals. The government should also increase the number of psychiatry facilities and bed space in America and train more psychiatrists.


The general mental health state of America is wanting and in dire need of change. The American government should take the necessary steps to tackle the increasing cases of mental illnesses in America.


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