Sample Dissertation Paper on Software Incompetence

Software Incompetence

The article addresses the problem of software incompetence. Though some software systems have so far been developed, they do not stand the challenge. For example, the software designed to detect an illegal access to the taxpayer’s information has never functioned two years after its installation. The HR software has to be replaced twenty-five years after its development. This proves that though it is true that software systems have been developed, they are not up to the standard. Software systems continue to fail and institutions incur so many expenses to keep them working.

Previous researches are futile because the results have not improved the situation. The inspector general auditor reports that the system is proving to be a misstep; IRS has to spend $584,372 to maintain the hardware in just one fiscal year so as to be in a position to use the Lead Analysis System. In addition, IRS has to incur more expenses on Atlas (the name given to Lead Analysis System) support employees. Currently, better software is to be put in place and this may help improve the situation.

Despite the fact that the IRS software is not functioning, the software used by Shorter Airport Lines. This rules out software failure due to poor technological research and advancements and gives us a reason to doubt a particular software brand. It is funny how the SAP replaces the HR software to serve such a large group of people while another company’s software does not function.

The problem of incurring expenses each year in a bid to maintain the IRS would be solved by installing better software. This ensures that the target goal of quelling unauthorized access to taxpayer information is solved as well as cutting expenses on employees to support the systems.