Sample Economic Essay on Life expectancy at birth m/f (years)

Discussion Economics

  1. Life expectancy at birth m/f (years)

The life expectancy at birth of the seven countries varies with Japan having the highest life expectancy at birth of 80 years (male) and 87 years (female) while Kenya has the lowest life expectancy at birth of 59 years (male) and 61 years (female).The life expectancy of the other five countries are U.S (m-76 , f-81 ), U.K (m-79 , f-83 ), Canada (m-80 , f-84 ), France (m-79 , f-85 ) and Sweden (m-80 , f-84 ). Both the data and video show that, life expectancy at birth in developed countries is higher compared to developing or underdeveloped countries.

  1. Probability of dying under five (per 1 000 live births)

Research shows that the cause of death of people less than five years include poverty, illiteracy and birth in underdeveloped regions. The probability of death in the U.S, U.K, Canada, France, Japan, Sweden, and Kenya respectively is 7, 5, 5,4,3,3, and 73. Japan and Sweden have a small probability of dying under five while Kenya has the highest probability.

  1. Total expenditure on health care per capita

The total expenditure on health care is as follows: U.S (8895), U.K (3495), France (4260), Canada (4676), Japan (3578), Kenya (84) and Sweden (4158).Nations with high total expenditure on health per capita have high life expectancy at birth and low mortality rate of people less than five years.

  1. Where do men live the longest?

Men live the longest in Canada, Japan and Sweden with a life expectancy of 80 years at birth.

  1. Where do women live the longest?

In Japan (87years)

  1. Where do the fewest young children per 1000 live births die each year?

The probability of dying before five years is fewest in Japan and Sweden with a rate of three out of 1000 live births each year.

  1. Who spends the most per person on health?

The US

  1. What questions, if any, come to mind after viewing the video and looking at the data?

Both the video and data reveals the problems of low life expectancy and long-term diseases. The questions that arise are how to eat health foods? Why does the government need to allocate more money on health care and issues of chronic diseases? The final question that comes to mind is, how to improve health care and how to fight high mortality rate.

Agricultural Work

  1. Agricultural Workers is an occupation where people tend on agricultural products and operate machinery. This career is essential in my region since the weather and climate are favorable and it does not require much experience to start.
  2. Agricultural Workers is an occupation that requires physical stamina and strength. I have the requirements of agricultural work. Communication skills can be developed over time.
  3. In order to be an agricultural worker, one must have a diploma or experience in agricultural related works. In most cases, the workers receive short-term training on how to use machinery and handle farm tools and equipment.
  4. In agricultural workers career, the level of earnings is determined by the years of experience and perfection. The median pay is $18,000annually but the figures can increase up to $30,000 annually for people with a lot of experience.
  5. The working environment of agricultural workers is not suitable since workers usually work outdoor. The unfavorable weather conditions and tight working schedule may be stressful. The lifestyle is not a good match for me since the work causes blisters, long hours and tiresome.
  6. The demand for agricultural product is increasing annual with low supply from few states. Finding a stable agricultural work is difficult since the supply is low and the weather changes unexpectedly causing low seasons.
  7. After going through the occupational outlook handbook, I have loss interest in pursuing a career in agricultural work since it is not a reliable source and has many challenges. In addition, the demand of agricultural work is high with limited supply making it hard to secure an agricultural job.

Third Discussion

  1. Dr. Milton Friedman thinks that marijuana should be legal since they cause less harm than heroin and other illegal drugs.
  2. Bhang should be illegalized since they are addictive and cause many health problems like other harmful drugs.
  3. The DEA administrator did not answer the questions addressed by members of the congress since she fails to admit whether marijuana is less harmful than heroin.