Sample Economics Case Study Assignment on How do property rights work in your country

This is the prompt for the next 2-3 pages (Read ‘your country’ : India)

1) How do property rights work in your country: At what
level (e.g. individual/firm, tribe, nation) are they
usually determined? How strong is the threat of
expropriation, and by whom (government? armed
gangs?). Are there any other important considerations
(e.g. special rules for land or intellectual property)?

2) Choose two of the following that are particularly
relevant for your country: contract enforcement,
absence of corruption, ease of doing business,
competitive markets. Discuss the quality of these
institutions, providing both quantitative and qualitative

3) Discuss the link between institutional quality and
economic development as it applies to your country
(i.e. how has institutional quality facilitated or hindered
development in your country and which institutions
have been particularly important)?

* Use sub-headings! Use tables or graphs to provide clarity to the reader. * Use in-text citation in MLA TIPS – Clear summary of major events, not just economic factors, include things people need to know about to understand this country – Not “current events” – make sure you go back far enough, but you don’t have much space so don’t get stuck in pre-history… – you will need to use multiple tables from the UNDP website to find the overall trend as well as the trend for the different components – do outside reading to understand what has been going on – additional statistics: provide a variety of interesting statistics (from the UNDP website or other sources) – use tables or graphs to present the information clearly, but also describe the current state in words – aiming for a vivid description