Sample Economics Paper on The Benefits of Tourism in the Kenyan Development and Infrastructure.

Kenya is among the top leading tourist attraction countries in Africa and it has a huge
potential in the growth of tourism. The country has encouraged tourism because it`s a pillar for

Tourism Development and Infrastructure in Kenya 2
social and economic development, as replicated in many third world countries. Kenya is
privileged with wonderful tourist attractions which consist of scenic landforms, archeological
sites, a variety of wildlife in their natural habitats, tropical beaches, and a diverse indigenous
cultural heritage that blends together to bring about an exceptional tourist product. Tourism is
one of Kenya’s top crucial industries, and has strong interconnection with production, retail,
food, transport, and entertainment. The country’s landscape has been designated for wild life
protection and bio diversity which are the important stay of the country’s tourism. This paper
will discuss the benefits of tourism to Kenya`s development and infrastructure.
Tourism in Kenya plays a relevant role in development, according to Okech, (2008), Ten
percent of Kenya`s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is taken by tourism, making it to be among
the countries top three contributors to the GDP after manufacturing and agriculture. Moreover it
contributes towards the full development and growth of Kenya, by bringing along numerous
economic benefits and value, and building the country`s outlook, brand value and identity.
Consequently, tourism creates demand, it`s value chain broadcasts beyond many industries
bringing more value to the economy. Some of the primary areas in the value chain of tourism are
travel agencies and other reservation facilities, railway, roads, water and air transport,
accommodation for visitors and sports recreational activities. All this practices create income,
job opportunities and bring development to many parts of the country via the multiplying effect.
Global standards are needed for the country to attract tourists and in the process of
modernization the government and private sector creates better facilities and services to match
the world standards, this in turn earns the country foreign exchange earnings, improvement of
society, launch of new technology, global connectivity and an improved brand name for Kenya.
Considering all benefits of tourism it`s clear to say that it plays a significant role in developing
world class institutions and level of services in the Kenyan economy.
The infrastructure of Kenya is directly and positively affected by tourism as it leads to
development to facilitate movement of tourists from one place to another. The transport system
is highly improved to match global class standards. Roads, railway lines, water and air ports are
constructed all over the country in order to diversify the modes of transport among tourists.
Tourism causes people from all over the world to travel, linking people with places and
people with people. This industry brings the emerging, developed and developing economies, all
on one platform, thus propelling them to become competitive globally and ameliorate on their
level of services, at least to be tourism competitive. It drives countries to have a strong and sound
political atmosphere and a vast developed society.

Tourism Development and Infrastructure in Kenya 3


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