Sample Education Admission Essay on College Experience

College Experience

I am enrolled at a college to pursue a degree at the age of 27-year old. It is obvious I am not a typical 18-year old escorted to college by parents, and carrying a set of new books and pens. In my case, the most important aspect has been planning my life schedule to handle the requirements of the college degree, job, and personal life. College life has considerably awakened my thirst for knowledge and a key ingredient in my pursuit for career and professional growth. What I enjoy most is the flexibility of learning to allow me to navigate around work and personal life activities. Attending classes is interesting for a 27-year old living alone. Though, I do not have additional responsibilities to hinder my pursuit of knowledge. I can attest to the fact that pursuing career growth at the college and working at the same has not been easy. However, I have strived to fulfill my obligations both as a student and an employee. For example, I can decide to attend an important meeting at work and later attend lessons in the evening.

A college education is positively impacting my life. Since I joined college, I have gained knowledge in an attempt to advance my profession and improve my lifestyle. My college education is facilitated by supportive tutors who take the initiative to handle my concerns at a personal level. Even so, I have to actively participate in class by answering questions, asking for clarification on unclear concepts, and actively listen to concepts taught by the tutors. It is also important to mention that learning is effective when I find some time to engage with reading materials. I have been able to gain more knowledge when I thoroughly evaluate reading materials recommended by tutors and prescribed within the syllabus.

A college degree is important in professional and personal life. Throughout my work and life experience, I have discovered that a college degree guarantees career progression and work promotion. The new knowledge acquired in college puts me in the right position to handle additional responsibilities at work. Notably, I am happy with the progress I have made since joining college. This is because the specific degree I am pursuing is aligned with my future career growth and development. Besides, the degree achieved after graduation will assist in developing appropriate networks within different sectors in case I decide to change my work environment. With well-established mentorship programs, I  intend to use the college degree to understand new market dynamics and requirements of different sectors of the economy. I believe that the networks I establish will benefit my future career.

After graduating from college, I intend to advance my career and professional experience by registering for a master’s degree program. Therefore, the college degree attained will be useful in facilitating my entry into a post-graduate program of my choice. In my view, enrolling for a master’s is the right choice as it will enrich my competency and experience in my specific area of specialization for fruitful future career development. Overall, I appreciate what college education has done to my personal and professional life. It is not easy pursuing a college education at the age of 27. Age determines a lot about a person, but my college experience story is about commitment and endurance.