Sample Education Assignment on Formative science assessment tool(s) and accompanying rationale/evaluation

Discipline: Education subject biology
As a biology teacher, you must develop a detailed assessment tool (or set of tools) that can be used to assess students’ knowledge, skills, and understanding (scie ntific literacy)as part of a scientific investigation. Participants must identify the science content and investigative skills and their place in the learning continuum. The tool should clearly identify the grade level (9th advanced) and the specific learning outcomes that will be assessed and include instructions for use of the tool and the success criteria or rubric that will be used to provide feedback

There are two types of learning outcomes
The first type is the important one that will build the assessment tool
It is related to scientific investigation( Skills Outcomes)
Students will be able to:

1-Write a clear hypothesis that
identifies both the independent and the dependent variable, and includes a scientific justification

2- Design a scientific investigation to test a hypothesis

As for the cognitive educational output, it is an example of the application of the educational outcomes of scientific investigation
( Describe how a cell’s plasma membrane function )
I hope to develop a detailed assessment tool on the experience attached to the unit (cellular structure and function )page 209

Discipline: Education subject biology