Sample Education Essay on My Experience with Curriculum

My Experience with Curriculum

Education has not been left out in the technological advancement that has rocked the 21st century. Distant learning is a trend that has grown rapidly since its inception. Many learning institutions have come up with strategies to adopt the new learning system to meet the students’ needs. However, like any educational program, it has the good and the bad side. Some proponents have criticized the methods that were initially used for the distant learning curriculum, and proposed ways that can improve the learning experience.

The distance-learning curriculum has given me the flexibility that I never thought of. The basic requirement for learning using the program is a computer with an internet connection. With the advent of computers and tablets, I have been able to create more time to engage in other constructive activities that can mold me into a better professional, and complete my courses at the most convenient time. The flexibility has also allowed me do engage in part-time jobs as I study. The jobs have been of benefit because I get an additional income, and the working experience that is required by most employers.

The distant learning program has also enabled me to save on cost. There are different costs that are incurred on a normal school-based learning program such as transport that I have managed to save for other constructive activities. In addition, the prices for online courses are cheaper than most of the courses taught in class. The hustle of commuting that is affected by weather variations that are common with the Indiana climate is a thing of the past because I can now learn in the most suitable environment. This is an advantage because it has improved my performance as I use advanced computer technology to study.

Distance learning has also brought a new perspective in my social life. Social interaction is an important aspect of learning that enables students to acquire other helpful skills rather than the basic knowledge gained in class. Although the program allows us to have forums such as chat rooms and discussion boards that can be used for social interaction, they do not have a significant impact. As a student, I understand the importance of communication skills and I have gone an extra mile to engage in social events at work that have built my personality significantly.

The assessment of the outcome of a lesson by the instructor is a paramount aspect that should be incorporated in learning. The distance-learning program gives little room for student-teacher interaction and makes it difficult to gauge the understanding of students. In a class setting, the instructor can use things like facial expressions and the type of questions asked by the learner to know whether the concept, he/she was teaching, has been understood. Therefore, my knowledge of recommender systems that have been developed in e-learning has helped me get the required information in a personalized manner, and with maximum interaction.

Distance learning, in most cases, involves the provision of learning materials to students. However, students should have quality education, and I have tried my best to have more time with the instructor to explain concepts that are not familiar. In addition, I have developed some proposals for program developers who facilitate distance learning to ensure that practical courses are not offered entirely online. The programs should also be tailored to suit the needs of all students. There are students who might be slow learners and might end up with very little knowledge acquired from distance learning.