Sample Education Essays on Statement of Purpose

My interest in the field of global technology and development has pushed me to strengthen my work experiences, studies, and training through further education. My bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science has been a life-changing achievement and has motivated me to invest in a Master’s degree. Currently, I plan to pursue the Global Technology and Development (GTD) program in your institution.

My past academic performances were good and acted as an inspiration to look at the future with great confidence and excitement. I completed my bachelor’s degree with a mean grade of 3.56 out of 4.00. This had an impact on my performance after college since I gained numerous certifications including FAA First Class Medical Certificate, Total Flight Hours (295.8), Commercial Pilot (ASEL:AMEL; Instrument airplane), Pilot In Command (140.9), Instrument (SIM and ACTU) (72.7), and Multi-Engine Land (29.4).  The bachelor’s degree of Aeronautical Science has laid a strong foundation for me in that I have gained knowledge in flight and air traffic simulation. It has also given me the opportunity to travel to different places across the world, interact with people from diverse backgrounds, and experience the uniqueness of different social, economic, political, religious, and technological aspects of regions across the globe.

To further boost my knowledge about technology and development across the globe, I have decided to pursue the Global Technology and Development program, which will help me advance both personally and professionally. I have started the preparations with the intentions of taking my studies seriously and gaining a lot from it. I choose this course due to my interest in becoming a specialized technologist in the field of Aeronautical Science. I intend to become a technology interpreter in my area of specialization. The course will equip me with knowledge on the different effects of technological changes on societies, economies, and regions. It will expose me to graduate level foundations in information technology, software, forecasting, transportation systems, and sustainable energy among others. I am really excited to be joining this program since it has many benefits and experiences to me as an Aeronautical expert.

I believe the decision I have made to pursue GTD program will be a great asset for me and the organization I will work for in future. Global Technology and Development provides a wide scope of knowledge in different aspects of technology and development. The knowledge, skills, and understanding I will gain will help me handle advanced issues involving technology in my career. In the recent past, technological advancements are growing rapidly. This has led to greater complexity in industries, where technologists, technicians, and researchers with the skills and ability are needed for independent operations. The course provides a foundation of technology and development to graduates like me that enhance professional capabilities and efficiency. After completing the Global Technology and Development program, I will have numerous opportunities waiting for me. The program will be a great asset to me in enhancing my career prospects in the Aeronautical industry. It will make it easy for me to find a job in both the private and public sector.

I will adhere to the rules and regulations of my program provider. I have adequate knowledge and understanding of the obligations of a student under the course. I am also aware of the terms and conditions, which I am ready to comply with. My only desire is to pursue the program, acquire the professional skills and expertise imparted throughout the course. Therefore, I request for consideration of my application and to be given the golden opportunity to be part of your reputable institution.