Sample Education Paper on Reasons for Teaching Languages

Reasons for Teaching Languages

I have been planning to upgrade my skills and knowledge in my education career for many years. As an undergraduate, I took my time acquiring the basic knowledge that was meant to determine my destiny. After graduating, I applied and later secured a teaching job that was meant to allow me to think thoroughly about my plans for my career and expose myself to the working conditions concerning teaching. The strategy has been of much significance to my life in making my career plans to be finally real. I play a major role in initiating changes in the society. The quality of my teachings together with other teachers has led to the development and existence of an informed and intelligent citizenry. For better delivery of knowledge and skills to the people, there is a need for me to upgrade my knowledge whereby I have chosen languages as my specialization field.

I have realized the essence of continuing my studies up to the postgraduate level. This is likely to give me an advantage in handling most of the emerging issues that may come up due to the changes that are continuously experienced in the world. Moreover, I will get a chance to improve my standards of living through achieving a better pay after completing my postgraduate education. I am enticed to take the option of specializing in languages due to the constant changes that are experienced in the world and its reduction into a global village. Taking advantage of the current market demand, I have opted to do a course on languages because currently I am good at Italian and French. In my career, I have come to realize that language provides an extremely significant channel of interactions between people in the society. Therefore, language provides an effective way of communication among individuals in the society.

The challenges that are facing the world currently propelled me to further my skills and studies at large as soon as possible through enrolling into a postgraduate degree in teaching languages. This will enable myself to solve these challenging situations that I come across. Over the years that I have been a teacher, teaching has proved to be more than a job to me. It’s a calling. I truly love teaching with a great passion to the extent that I value the success of the knowledge delivery process more than I value its returns. This too has influenced my interest towards continuing my career to the postgraduate level.

I want to study languages to become more sensitive to cultural differences in the society. Language is a social institution that is meant to shape or be shaped by the society and more specifically the “cultural niches” whereby it plays a significant role. Many scholars have proved the existence of a link between culture and languages. We are living in a society that is enriched with various types of culture that keep changing from time to time. My desire to acquire full information about these cultures contributes much to my choice to learn for languages. My ambition to become more sensitive to the cultural context of the environment also contributes to my interest in specializing in languages. This is a career that I am expecting to enjoy fully in my entire life. Language is the key factor considered before anyone learns a new culture. It gives you a basis and the essence of studying and understanding in depth the practices and lifestyle of a given community.

Moreover, I want to specialize in languages like one way of improving my communication skills. Language, through its role of communication usually dictates who should talk to whom, about what and how it can be done. It will provide me with a basis upon which I will be able to encode certain messages, and circumstances under which these messages are sent and interpreted. This is to say that language is the foundation for communication that has enabled cultural exchange among individuals in the society. For instance, in the school context, I have been associating with many students from different cultural origins. I interact with these students in the form of teaching them languages, a fact that later will enable me to share a lot with them on issues regarding culture.

Perhaps meeting new people and making new friends is another important reason that highly motivated me towards choosing languages as the specialization part of my career. I will meet with interesting people of whom together we will develop a life-long friendship as I have done before while I was a teacher. This will contribute positively to my life in the sense I will have some friends. Through enrolling for the language course in my postgraduate, I will be able to interact with a lot of people in the form of my course mates who have come from different localities. Together, we will be able to assist each other whenever one of us contains an urgent assistance thereby promoting good relationship among us.

I would like to Increase my brainpower and knowledge through studying languages. Like many other teachers, I like and love the idea of continuing learning new things throughout my teaching career. Most education programs require teachers to recertify their credentials on their capabilities of service delivery. This means that teachers must engage in a continuous learning program for them to cope with some of these policies. Studying languages, will enable me to know new vocabularies that are used in different languages. My way of thinking will most probably change as I will now engage myself in observing and analyzing situations and objects according to various perspectives. For instance, I will be able to analyze situations in various languages whereby at last I will come up with the better resolution. As a way to complement my continuous learning process, I opted taking language subjects that are enriched with several new vocabularies and aspects.

Every individual in the society pursues a given career with expectations to earn a living after the completion of the course. I enrolled in the teaching career as one way of getting funds that will cater for my needs and that of my family. Upon deciding on the career to take, I was enticed by the money power that pursuing languages could dictate. Studying languages gives one an option to cover as many languages as he/she may wish. This will later on grant this individual, powers of negotiating for his/her salary as the demand for his/her services will rise. In my case, I opted to specialize in Italian and French, languages which has granted me a competitive advantage in the market in the sense that in most of the institutions where I have worked, they tend to pay me fairly due to my wide coverage of content.

Also, I want to study languages as an approach to fulfill my great passion for languages. Teaching is not only meant to transmit knowledge but also to inspire many people to discover their potentials and purposes. Teaching being a career that allows an individual to engage in lifetime learning has been one of my desires in this world. When I was in high school, I developed a great passion for teaching and more particularly for languages. This emerged from motivation that I gained from my language teacher. I admired and wished that one day I would be like her. It took me a lot of time thinking about how I could make it in life and be like her. Over the past years, I have been struggling on how to make my ends meet through achieving what my heart desires most. This contributed to my total commitment and dedication to learning and further getting the opportunity for joining the teaching career. I employed many efforts in my education more so in the languages whereby I managed to pass well and increased my potentials of being a language teacher. At first, I could think of learning languages and getting the basic information about them not minding much on the area of specialization in my teaching career. However, with time I came to realize that the only way I could fully utilize my passion for languages was to become a language teacher whereby I will get the opportunity to impart my skills into the present and coming generations.

According to various research, anything that is done out of someone’s passion most definitely turns out to be successful. This boosted my confidence on my capabilities of imparting my linguistic skills in an ideal way to the learners. As a result, I further developed an intrinsic motivation towards languages, a reason that pushed me towards choosing to teach languages. Languages are very interesting subjects that any individual could like to handle as it involves learning new vocabularies day after day. This happens to be one of the reasons that propelled me towards developing the great passion for languages. This passion that I had for teaching and languages that contributed much to my decision on being a language teacher. This decision that I made has turned out to be a crucial one in my life as it has given me the opportunity to be happy as I am doing what I longed for as opposed to those individuals who end up doing what they never wanted at all as a result of circumstances. How I wish that I would further get the opportunity to nurture and continue fulfilling my passion through teaching languages.

The fact that I am a mother of four children of whom I have spent substantial time with which have turned out to be enjoyable moments also contributes to my desire to work with children. Although with the existence of issues in a class full of children, they are not of a higher magnitude conflict as it is for the case of several adults. Moreover, dealing with conflicts that may arise in the classroom is faster as compared to those involving adults because children forget such issues easily as opposed to adults who keep the grudge for a long period. In most cases, children do behave in a manner tended to please their teacher a reason that makes them always to prefer doing right over wrong. These children love making friends thereby limiting chances of creating conflicts among them. The energy that children portray, the fun that arises while with them and their eagerness to know new things among others day after the other contributes to my decision to teach languages. This is because languages are full of new aspects, for instance, vocabularies that differ from one language to another. The children thereby find it adventurous studying and being more exposed to new things that do not allow the interference of their attention with boredom.

My hobby of being around children and socializing with them too contributed much to my decision of teaching languages. The current world has undergone various changes over the past as a way to solve emerging challenges. Some adults have turned out to be difficult to work with due to their life challenges or the way they were brought up in this rough world. The drama between workers, inter-office politics, backstabbing, lack of cooperation and gossip all represent well-known challenges that are facing the entire working sector in most parts of the world. In some cases, it is very difficult to work with a number of adults who are unwilling to compromise with other situations without feeling mistreated and who at the same time are set in their own ways of carrying out things. Some individuals like me do not usually do well with this negativity that is brought about by the adults, and this acts as a basis for choosing to work with children who are ever eager to learn new things.

I am advantaged to be a bilingual teacher being good in both French and Italian. This will increase my effectiveness and enhance quick mastery of content once given the chance of enrolling at the postgraduate level. Am aware that the teaching career is a sector that contains a lot of trained personnel who are competent for the teaching job and any other promotion that may arise in the workplace.  However, taking a further effort of knowing more than one official languages will favor me in the mastery of content in this field. This advantage has over the last years given me an opportunity to be considered for various jobs. How I wish that the admission board too will consider my application.

Education is among the few careers that allow its workers who are teachers to easily transition from lower levels to higher levels of education. In most cases, many teachers teach at a given level for a certain duration of time before they upgrade their education levels and move to a higher level institution or rank. With the ambition of upgrading to a higher level institution, I chose my subjects of specialization to be languages. This is because in the process of teaching languages, I too will come across new terms, aspects and vocabularies that will boost my communication skills thereby supporting my transition to higher level institutions. Equally, learning new things in these languages will make me avoid being stagnant in terms of knowledge attainment thereby making me relevant in the industry.

In addition, various research have showed that an individual who studies foreign languages in most cases tend to score relatively higher on standardized tests as compared to the monolingual counterparts more particularly in reading, math, and vocabulary. Another research by University College London has clearly indicated that learning other languages alters the brain’s gray matter, a region that processes information, in a more similar way as exercises build muscles. Therefore, I chose to teach languages as one way of boosting my brain power, which will enable me to achieve very high levels of knowledge.

I have a longtime experience and skills in the teaching career. This will allow me to carry out the course with high integrity thereby later on improving the department of languages. When I was learning for the Italian and French languages, I was imparted with various skills that I could make for use in carrying out my course on languages. I have fully developed good communication skills, and I have the ability to understand many people from different localities in a more satisfactory manner. Besides, since I finished my course for these languages, I have gained sufficient experience of information delivery. I have dealt with a lot of people of whom I have utilized my skill abilities to successfully impart knowledge to them. In my experience, I have come up with difficult situations of which I have learned and gained confidence on how to deal with them. Besides, I am used to dealing with children being a mother of four whom I have raised in an informative manner. Am well informed on the behavior of most children as previously I have been using my free time socializing and playing with children. Therefore, the experiences that I have experienced and the high levels of skills that I possess verify that I am eligible for teaching languages.

My ability to speak in both Italian and French has boosted my relationship statuses with many individuals in the society. The ability to communicate with various individuals in my career can contribute to the existence of good relationships with a lot of people in the University. In my earlier school, I interacted with a lot of parents from different localities. Some parents we met one on one in the process of discussing how we can help their children to master various linguistic skills. In the process of these interactions, we ended up creating a good relationship and eventually friendship on personal grounds. In addition, most of the students that I have successfully imparted linguistic skills into, in the past and present have appreciated my efforts as a teacher and have turned out to be my best friends. These friends that I have created alongside my career are always there for me whenever I am in need thereby playing a significant role in my life. Therefore, the choice of handling languages as my specialization will make easy due to the existence of many friends who will aid me towards mastering of various language concepts.

Learning and containing knowledge about a foreign language is an incredible experience that boosts an individual’s confidence. Now that I am a bilingual, I contain self-confidence and determination, a fact that can enable me to take my studies in a more comfortable manner. I, therefore, can overcome various doubts and fear that exists in executing their duties. With the gain of confidence, eventually one gain independence as he/she learns more about him/herself. Confidence will also open an individual’s ways as he/she can communicate in more than one language to perhaps travel to different parts of the world that he/she could never have even imagined stepping on.

The ability to communicate in various languages, for instance, has contributed much to my adventures as I traveled over to different countries for one reason or the other. In some occasions, I have traveled to visit my friends whom I have met as a result of learning different languages. Also, the encouragement that one gets from the native people will always act like a motivation and confidence booster. Therefore, I took the choice of teaching languages as a strategy to boost my confidence and independence in carrying out various tasks.

I am open-minded and with improved decision-making skills I will be able to offer effective performance in the course. In the recent years much efforts has been employed towards the way cultural differences are formed through various types of practice and how they express themselves. The research has been extended to how socialization and language development leads to the development of identities and models on the cultural basis in the world. Individuals who are exposed to new languages most definitely are absorbed by some of the aspects of the new culture that transforms them into being understanding and open-minded. These qualities are required for one to be able to make quality decisions concerning very crucial life issues. For instance, one develops the abilities to make arguments pricelessly in a manner that most suits every party that is involved in a given case.

I recognize the cultural base of my behavior and, a quality that makes me view various aspects from different perspectives and understanding things in depth. Moreover, I being bilingual, I am more confident in making various choices through thinking various aspects over again in the second language and further comparing the two conclusions. With the desires of making the correct decisions in life, I took the choice of being a language teacher. This choice has been of much significance in my life as I have the ability to make wiser decisions concerning the key aspects of life like finance expenditure.

Learning and containing knowledge about a foreign language is an incredible experience that boosts an individual’s confidence. For instance, I can overcome various doubts and fear that exists in the execution of my duties. With the gain of confidence, eventually I am independent as I learn more about myself. Confidence will also open my ways as I communicate in more than one language to perhaps travel to different parts of the world that I could never have even imagined stepping on. This will increase the quality of my output.

The ability to communicate in various languages has contributed much to my adventures as I traveled over to different countries for one reason or the other. In some occasions, I have traveled to visit my friends whom I have met as a result of learning different languages. Also, the encouragement that one gets from the native people will always act like a motivation and confidence booster. Through my adventures, I have acquired a lot of information about languages that I expect to exploit once I get the opportunity of joining the University for my Course. Therefore, the choice of teaching languages as a strategy to boost my confidence and independence in carrying out various tasks that will eventually enable me to achieve high grades in my course.

As noted earlier, I have spent a lot of time learning to communicate and working with children because of my career with young people. Over the holidays, I have been serving as the chief guidance mother in one of the churches in within my hometown. I have been interacting with these children as I enjoy teaching them on how to make use of language to pass a message from one point to another. Nevertheless, during high school I worked with children for almost all the entire period. Therefore having the great experience and passion for children, enables me to work hard in carrying out my course so as to acquire high-quality knowledge in the field. Besides, I have engaged in the creation of a comfortable environment that allows these children to grow while learning the complexities of languages in a smooth manner. These contributions provide a basis for future communication abilities of the children. The children are likely to develop a lifetime effective communication channel due to the strong language skills that they have gained from interacting with me.

I am a capable and intelligent individual with high commitments on the ambitions of my career. Over the past times, I have noticed that an essential pre-requisite for my success in my career is accessing sufficient and excellent education. By participating actively in a broad work experience and devoting my efforts to the limited opportunities that I may come across. I also contain a wide variety of personal attributes and qualities that has enabled me to perform well in extracurricular activities, that has contributed to my healthy lifestyle. I believe that the skills that I currently possess will enable me to achieve the ambitions of my career which are pursuing a course on languages. Nevertheless, I would like to be fully enriched with specialist skills and knowledge by completing a postgraduate course before continuing with the professional world.

I have been motivated towards taking language courses and eventually teaching languages as a result of the desire to fulfill my passion. I am a very hardworking woman whose efforts have attained and further developed a wide range of aptitudes like advanced quantitative skills and critical thinking. As I am entering my next academic level, I am much eager to subject myself to further studies that will enable me to stretch my abilities. I firmly have my sights onset on a great career in the Education sector, and more specifically having a role that will highly challenge my expertise and skills.  Considering the above ambitions, I would like to nature further my knowledge and skills in your institution. The current technological trends in various sectors have highly motivated me towards diversification of my knowledge. I would be privileged in the highly competitive job market by completing this course and attaining the best grades ever.