Sample Education Paper on Schools and Urban Life

The salient points of this chapter are the fact that the relationship between urban life and
poverty, urban experience, and education as well as the urban life and the life of parents. This
life has been taken as a disgusting life being perceived by many people. For instance, from the
discussion, we can see that most life of urban children is considered as poor, peasant and whose
parents are taken as a peasant, and therefore cannot support their children academically (Brock,
These points resonate with me because, personally, I had never thought of urban life is
full of disgusting and horrible life. My knowledge about urban life and urban children was that
children in urban life have an improved standard of living compared to those children who are
not staying in the metropolitan. Secondly, my knowhow about urban life was that those parents
who are staying in urban life are in a working class, others are doing prominent businesses.
Therefore, the notion of urban parents leading a very poor life. However, am very resonate with
this because it is not what I was expecting. Moreover, from the final part of the discussion, I can
see that my perception has just remained. The points given in the discussion held by professor
Brocke, with her students had almost changed my understanding of the life of urban children.
Nevertheless, she has led the discussion and finally convinced me together with the students that
urban life is not all about poverty, but it is all about how parents are prepared to provide the
required responsibilities to their children as parents. Therefore, as much as my conscience about
children of urban life was almost changing from the start of this discussion, it has finally retained
where it is that urban life is not about struggling and leading a disgusting life (Brock, 2005).



Brock, R. (2005). Sista talk: The personal and the pedagogical (Vol. 145). Peter Lang.